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Freedom of choice

Railway: TOP-questions

How can I extend the time of booking?

Unfortunately, the fixed term for the purchase of tickets can not be extended. Time to redeem the ticket is set by Ukrzaliznytsya and is 30 minutes from the moment of making the reservation.

If you make a mistake when writing a name or a surname, what should you do?

According to the rules of "Ukrzaliznytsia", it is possible to tolerate up to three mistakes in filling in data about the passenger - name or surname. These errors should not affect the sound.

If the order is already paid, is it possible to make changes?

According to the established rules of "Ukrzaliznytsya", it is not possible to make changes to an already paid order. You have the opportunity to return tickets, and after that you already have to issue a new order.

Where can I get a receipt for payment of my order for reporting?

On the Online Tickets site you have the opportunity to order a receipt for payment. To do this, you need to contact the Support Service, our phone: +38 (044) 502-74-38. We will generate and send the document to your e-mail.

How do I know the price of a ticket if I'm traveling with a child?
A child under 6 years of age (provided that he does not occupy a separate place) can go with an adult for free. If two or more children under six travel with an adult passenger, then only one child has the right to free travel, and for the remaining children it is necessary to buy tickets.
A child from 6 to 14 years old can travel on a children's travel document. Discount for a child ticket can usually be 25% of the cost of a full adult ticket. When booking tickets on the Online Tickets website, you must select "Child up to 14 years" in the "Passenger type" item, and fill in all your data. You can find out the exact cost of tickets with discount, if you click on the "Book" button, but funds from your account are not written off.
When an adult passenger travels with a child under the age of 14, it is necessary to have a birth certificate for the child (or passport, or travel document for the child). It is better to have an original document with you, but a notarized copy is also allowed.
How do I make a booking for a student?
On our Online Tickets website, when booking a ticket, a student can take advantage of a student's ticket if he makes out his trip in such cars of the train - Platskartny, Sitting of the 1st and 2nd grades. You must select "Student" in the "Passenger type" item, be sure to enter your student ticket number and fill in all your data. Students of higher educational institutions, as well as students of vocational schools, on the basis of a student's ticket or a student's ticket of the day-time form of training, receive a 50% discount on general, second-class cars, second-class and third-class wagons of all categories of trains.
When driving in a train of the highest category - coupe, luxury (SW), first class (except for regional trains) - for students the full fare is established.
Before the trip, the student must submit his student ID card to the conductor without fail.
What if the baggage exceeds the standard?
When the size of your baggage exceeds the permissible free baggage allowance, you need to issue a baggage receipt. In this case it will be necessary to pay this surplus. Also, if the passenger plans to transport a pet or a bird, it is necessary to arrange a baggage receipt.
In the established rules for the carriage of baggage, it is indicated that the passenger can carry his baggage weighing up to 36 kg free of charge. If there is a hand luggage weighing from 36 to 50 kg, then you need to issue a baggage receipt. For transportation of hand luggage over 50 kg, you must purchase a separate extra seat. To issue this baggage receipt is possible at the cashier's offices of Ukrzaliznytsia. The passenger needs only to mark the desired option during check-in at the checkout. The passenger must present the driver with a ticket and a luggage receipt when boarding the train.
How to transport an animal or ornamental bird on a train?
When transporting any animals or birds, according to the established rules of "Ukrzaliznytsya", it is absolutely necessary to issue a baggage receipt for the transportation of additional hand luggage. You can get a luggage receipt at the railway ticket office. If the weight of your animal does not exceed 20 kg, then the carriage will be paid as for 20 kg of luggage. If the weight exceeds 20 kg - then you pay the actual weight of the animal. Also, while traveling with you, you need to have an appropriate veterinary certificate for the animal (Form No. 1).
Rules for carriage of dogs in a train
In passenger, as well as long distance trains, the dog can only be transported in a coupe or a luxury car, but on one condition that the owner of the dog will redeem all seats in the compartment or luxury, regardless of the presence of passengers in it. Also this rule applies to guide dogs of blind passengers. Dogs that are above 45 cm should be transported in muzzles, leashes or chains. One passenger is allowed to carry only one dog. When transporting dogs in the train, you must show a veterinary certificate. If the train is suburban or regional, then to transport such a large dog is allowed only in the extreme vestibules that are in the first and last car of the train. The owner of the dog must always observe and accompany his animal. In those trains where there are seats (Intercity or Intercity +), the ability to transport a large dog is determined by the structure of the car. If the seats are divided into seats in the compartment, then the carriage of your dog is permitted, but on the condition that you redeem all the seats in the compartment. If seats are not divided into compartments, then transportation of a large dog in these cars is prohibited. It is allowed to transport the dog, regardless of its size, only in the night-train parking cars. To transport a dog it is necessary to issue a luggage receipt at the railway ticket office. Dogs of small size (below 45 cm) can be placed in wagons under sedentary places. In this case, the dog must be placed in a box, basket or cage. One passenger is allowed to carry no more than two dogs.
Rules for the transport of cats on the train
Cats should be transported in special baskets, cages or boxes. For an animal in the railway ticket office it is necessary to issue a baggage receipt. One passenger can only be transported by one cat. The passenger must present a veterinary certificate when transporting cats on the train.
Rules for transportation in the train of ornamental birds, as well as other pets
The passenger is allowed to transport decorative house birds (not more than three in number), small pets (not more than two in number) in all types of wagons and regardless of the presence of hand luggage. Each passenger can carry for free in excess of the established norm hand luggage only one cage with indoor birds. Animals must necessarily be placed in special boxes, cages, baskets, which occupy a volume of no more than one place of hand luggage. Cages, baskets, boxes can be freely placed in places that are designed for hand luggage. Buy a separate compartment, as well as make travel documents for decorative birds and small pets in cages is not required.
What documents do you need to have with you to travel on the train?

In March 2013 in Ukraine has changed the procedure of registration of train tickets. Now the tickets are nominal, and when boarding the train the passenger should present a document proving the identity.

Under the new rules, when making train tickets in every travel document shall be entered the name and surname of the passenger for whom you purchased this W/a ticket. To redeem or to exchange an e-ticket, present an ID is not required – only at the time of boarding the train and when buying discounted tickets.

Without a document certifying the identity of passenger, boarding the train is only in commuter trains.

When boarding, each passenger is obliged to present to the conductor a train ticket or printed e-ticket and ID. Are only original documents.

If one of the underage passengers, except the train ticket you should have the birth certificate of the child (passport or travel document).

Without a valid ID of the passenger, the conductor will be forced to refuse to Board the train.

identity Documents when boarding a train in Ukraine:

  • internal passport of the citizen of Ukraine
  • driver's license
  • the passport of citizen of Ukraine
  • a temporary certificate of citizen of Ukraine
  • service passport of Ukraine
  • diplomatic passport of Ukraine
  • passport of a foreigner or stateless persons
  • foreign passport or substitute document
  • military ID (for the period of military service)
  • the identity of the crew member
  • the seafarers ' identity document
  • the identity of the person for return to Ukraine
  • the identity of stateless person for traveling abroad
  • identity card that requires additional protection
  • certificate of application for protection in Ukraine
  • travel document for travel abroad of the person recognized as a refugee
  • migrant card
  • a permanent residence permit or temporary residence
  • refugee travel document
  • refugee certificate
What are the top seats in the car and which are the lower seats?
Wagons class "coupe" and "reserved seat": odd places - the bottom, even seats - the top.
Class 1 wagons - all seats are sessile.
Second-class cars - all seats are sessile.
"Lux" wagons - all seats are lower sessile / sleeping.