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To book a hotel

Most of journeys begin with the choice of hotel, as finding a hotel with good conditions of accommodation is a guarantee of a great rest and comfortable business trips. Comfortable rooms, decent level of service, optimal location of hotel — these are the main search criteria, which tourists focus on when looking for accommodation options.

On website there are available 1070000 of hotels of various categories in all countries worldwide — both budget hostels, and luxurious VIP-apartments. Therefore, to choose the most suitable hotel in the desired country can be easy in fact, regardless of the route and travel features. You can find a cheap hotel at any city worldwide, while living conditions, if you properly approach the issue of reservation, will be worthy, and the price - pleasant.

What kind of hotels are there?

First, you need to determine the list of requirements that a hotel complex should meet. Even more attention should be paid to the selection of hotel, if a trip is planned with a baby — conditions of accommodation, quality food and great location will be of non-negotiable demands to the hotel in this case.

Hotel categories in most countries are indicated with "stars"— the more stars, the better, more prestigious and expensive is the hotel, the less — the cheaper and simpler the hotel is.

Hotel categories:

  • 1*: budget hotels with small rooms (usually up to 10 square meters), same type, modestly furnished. Bathroom is installed on the floor — common to several rooms. Additional services and meals are not included.
  • 2*: in such hotels guests are offered several types of rooms, breakfast is served to the room. Bathroom (shower) and toilet in each room, but sometimes there can be also common bathrooms for several rooms.
  • 3*: three-star hotels usually offer their guests more spacious rooms (10-15 meters) with facilities, TV and fridge, and extra services — sauna, gym, swimming pool, massage, etc..
  • 4*: the smallest room in a four-star hotel is usually not less than 13 square meters, it is required to have a TV, air conditioning, safe and hair dryer, bath with cosmetics and bath accessories. On the territory there are usually at least one restaurant, pool, fitness center and sauna, and the quality of service is at a decent level.
  • 5*: in the five-star hotels you will find the highest level of service, spacious rooms (from 16 to several hundred square meters), exclusive services, endlessly polite and helpful staff. Guests of five-star hotels receive excellent accommodation conditions, best service and maximum of additional services, but the price for room here will be higher.

How to choose a hotel online?

The main indicator of quality is the reviews of guests. Be sure to read reviews published by other travelers, since they can have a lot of useful information on living conditions, quality of service and extra services. It is much easier to make a choice, if you have additional information.

Up to date: By the way, after visiting a hotel, you should also publish your review. Tell if you liked the hotel you booked or not — your opinion will help other tourists to make their choice.

To see the available options of hotels in desirable resort, indicate in search menu on website Online Tickets the city you want to stay in, desirable dates of staying and amount of people living in a room. If you will have children with you during traveling, tick in the relevant box. After clicking “Search”, website will show all hotels available for booking for travel options set by you.

Useful tips: Be sure to note the features of tourist season at the resort you are interested in, to choose the most convenient option and a good hotel room rates.

For each hotel, there is indicated standard information — number of stars, the list of essential services, location data (interactive maps) and the number of rooms available for your specified period of accommodation. Click “Select” to see a detailed description of hotel complex, photos and full list of guest services. Here you may book a hotel you like online, if parameters and terms of accommodation fit you. 

Useful tips: meals in hotels

  • RO — meals is not included in the price of accommodation
  • BB — breakfasts are included
  • HB — type of meals “half board” with breakfasts and dinners
  • FB — full board with three meals a day
  • AI— three meals a day and locally produced drinks (type of meals «All inclusive»)
  • UAI — accommodation on a full board plus free imported alcohol (type «Ultra all inclusive»)

In order to book a hotel, select a desirable hotel room and click “I book” on the opened page. Following the tips on the page, fill in the required information. After payment, a hotel voucher, that confirms a booking of hotel room you have chosen, will be sent to e-mail indicated during registration.

Online Tickets is a website where you can book a hotel from any place worldwide anytime, without being attached to the working schedule of offices and managers. You may also select and book by yourself the air, railway and bus tickets, book a tourist insurance, add funds to your “Travel Sim” and book excursions in order to arrange your trip on your own.