Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Affiliate program

Are you the owner of a tourist or a musical website, blog, public social networks? We also provide Internet sites the opportunity to earn on ticket sales — airline, railway, bus and concert. Sign up, choose a convenient for you affiliate tools, install them on your website and get earnings from each ticket sold!

Our advantages

1. Cookie lifetime

Even if the ticket is purchased through a few weeks, you will receive income — cookies are saved until 30 days!

2. Stable income

You get up to 80% of the service fees from the sale of each ticket.

3. Ready-made solutions

You can get ready-made solutions for your site-banners, links, ads, search forms. Just choose what is comfortable for you and your visitors!

How does the affiliate program work?

1. Install tools

You place on your website or page affiliate tools Online Tickets, helping your readers quickly and easily find the desired tickets.

2. Purchase

Your readers click the link and find their tickets. To book and pay for your order the visitor can then — information on the initial source of the transition is stored in the course of a month.

3. Accrual earnings

The transaction is processed instantly, so you'll see info about a partner reward credited to your personal account. 

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