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Plane tickets

Fast search of airlines on allows to find a necessary flight and to book plane tickets really quickly — in only two-three minutes it is possible to choose air flight for the necessary dates along a desirable route and to book the tickets. Wherever the trip was planned, we can offer the cheapest tickets and the most convenient flights. Your travel will be comfortable!

How to find air tickets?

To book an air flight, in the special selection menu "Air tickets" located at the top of the page you should specify a destination city you need and choose a desirable date. Enter a city name which airport is convenient to you for a departure and the name of a destination point. While entering a word a drop-down menu with names of the cities and airports will appear — by a click of mouse specify the necessary option.

Useful tips: website Online Tickets distinguishes input of names of the cities in different languages. Use the one that is convenient to you!

In order to choose the date of flight click in the field of date and specify by a mouse the necessary day in a special calendar. If your trip might be reduced or delayed it is better to buy a one-way air ticket and leave the field of date of return flight empty. If it is required, use the additional subparagraphs located below — service class, quantity of infants (if there are any) and adult passengers. Having specified the necessary information, press a search button in order to see all the options of flights which have the places free for reservation.

Airline companies, useful information:

Both Ukrainian and foreign airline companies are available for booking on the website. Popular airlines among the Ukrainian tourists:

  • UIA
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • KLM
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Aeroflot
  • Yanair
  • Dnepravia
  • Air Astana

How to book an air ticket?

Flights are sorted by default in the order of price growth — the cheapest air ticket for a route specified by you will be located at the top of the page while expensive flights (business class, flights with interlining) at the bottom. For each of the flight options offered by the website ticket price, departure time, travel time and airports data are indicated. If a flight provides interlining at other airports, the information on changes will be also provided.

Press the button “choose” near the flight in order to learn if the baggage is included in the ticket price or not. There you will find weight requirements for air fares that include a luggage transportation. It is possible to make a reservation of air tickets on the same page.

Specify passport data necessary for reservation of the passenger for whom you book a ticket online in appropriate fields and surely fill in the contact information. If you have already made a booking on Online Tickets before making a new reservation log in on the website using the password from sms received during registration.

It's important! Names and surnames of passengers must be specified only in Latin letters, must match the spelling in the passport and contain no spelling mistakes. Before booking, be sure to check if the data is entered correctly!

After pressing the button «Book» air tickets you have selected will be reserved. Unpaid reservation is held for 12 hours; you need to buy a ticket during this time — in twelve hours all unpaid reservations will be automatically canceled.

Payment for booked tickets

Information on booking of air tickets which you made on the website Online Tickets Ukraine are available in personal account, you can pay for your active orders therefrom. Purchased e-ticket is available in your personal account, it is possible to download (print) it at any time having logged into from a computer or smartphone.

Payment Methods:

  • bank transfer
  • privat 24
  • bank card

Safety Information: All payment transactions that take place via are closed from hacker and rogue programs due to a commercial encryption standard that provides usage of strong cryptography. Since 2008 the service is official acting Accredited Agent of IATA and has certificates and permits required for work with systems of IATA.

Save on purchase of tickets

On Online Tickets website you may also find the current schedule of planes for the air routes you are interested in — it is easier to buy a cheap plane ticket if you know in advance what are the options of air travel on the desired route from different air carriers. To open the flight schedule, enter the desired cities (airports of departure / arrival) and select a date on which you need to purchase tickets. The site will display all the flight options for this day among all planned programs of airline companies. Apart from the time of departure and arrival for each of the air routes there are indicated: airline company performing the flight, flight’s number, ticket class, airplane model, airport names.

Useful tips to help you save money:

1.     Promotions of air carriers — it is an opportunity to buy cheap tickets at special promotional rates that allows you to save a good budget travel.

2.     Participate in loyalty programs with bonuses for frequent flyers. Accrued points can be exchanged for other tickets, discounts, services and goods.

3.     Use the rule: a minimum of things — a minimum of costs. Air tickets on tariffs without luggage are usually significantly cheaper than those the price of which already includes baggage item. Note that the size and weight of suitcases are always checked before boarding the flight, so you will have to pay for the extra weight.

4.     Some services are cheaper to book online, rather than before departure at an airport, for example online check-in and baggage transportation via the Internet will be more profitable.

5.     Be aware of fare rules when booking flights — it is possible to buy a cheap air ticket with a non-refundable rate, if you are really confident that nothing will change or shift to the next day in your trip. If, however, the journey may shift to other dates or canceled altogether, it is better to choose the flights allowing the change of flight data and return of boarding documents.