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Going on a journey? But you have already thought of how to get from the airport to the hotel? Travelers who carefully organize their trip, often overlooked one very important point — transfer from airport to hotel.

Someone said that a taxi outside the airport a lot, so you quickly get to your hotel will be possible at any time, someone is counting on transfers from the tour operator or hotel, someone is planning to use public transport or even deliberately looking for taxi drivers-illegal immigrants, considering that it is cheap and safe. And some tourists even think about the Shuttle, standing with suitcases in airport, and in the end, the vacation begins with not the most pleasant experiences. Especially often difficulties arise for those travelers who do not know the language of the host country, or don't know him at all — in this case, how to hire a taxi and find the right public transportation in a foreign country becomes an almost impossible mission.

Separate attention are illegal taxi which, although offering lower rates, can actually be very dangerous cat in the bag — the number of assaults, thefts and fraud against foreign tourists in such «gray» cars for recent years in the tens of thousands.

As for group transfers offered by hotels and travel companies, here too there are nuances. For example, the length of the path — the Shuttle moves from the airport through the hotel that need to populate the tourists, and if your hotel is quite far from the airport, you will have to ride the bus for several hours, waiting until it is your turn. This tour pickup can be a real challenge for tourists with young  children and other passengers, who will have to be next to a crying baby, and even not one, for 4 — 5 hours.

In such cases, a private transfer will be much easier — a good car, an experienced driver and a comfortable trip will allow you to get from the airport to the hotel very quickly and without any unexpected surprises.

How to order a Shuttle from the airport?

Step 1, select route

At the top of the page has a special form for selection of transfer. Select if you need a transfer, in the appropriate field — here you can enter the name of the airport or train station, from which you will need to retrieve the driver, or the name of the city if the point of departure is located just within the city limits.

In the box “where” enter a place in which you have to deliver (the system will automatically pull all available options). If you need to get, for example, in the hotel, click “in the city” — in the next step of booking you will be able to specify the exact address. Click to specify what class of vehicle you need. Near each available on given route option contains the price of Shuttle service.

Click “checkout”.

Step 2, passenger details

Specify the number of passengers that will go along with you, number of your flight or train in which you arrive, the date and time of arrival.

Please note that the arrival time should be entered local, i.e. that specified in your tickets.

If necessary, specify the exact address where must be filed with the car and the address of arrival. These fields can be specified not only the exact address but just the name of the hotel, shopping Mall etc. — this information is sufficient for generation of a route.

Important: Under ' details conditions free cancellation of booked outbound transfer.

Below is the block of personal data of the passenger will meet the driver. Here you must specify the name, surname, contact phone and e-mail. E-mail must be valid. Be sure to check the spelling of the phone number and email address — they are required to obtain confirmation and further details.

On the right side is a schematic representation of the human label — here you can specify the text that should be on the card with which you will meet the driver. By default this will contain the name entered in the appropriate fields above. You can specify a different text if necessary.

Below there is another field for additional information. For example, if you go with a small child and you need a car seat for the baby in the car, or you will be a passenger with a disability, a large number of Luggage, etc.

Click “proceed to payment».

Step 3 transfer payment

In the section “payment” you will see all information about your order — how and where to go machine, the date and time of visit, data about the passenger and the transfer price. Check the entered information carefully, and if you find an error or you will need to adjust this, click on the field “data” at the top menu to return to the previous step for editing.

If all entered data is correct, click “to pay by Visa or MasterCard”, and the system will redirect you on a secure 256-bit SSL certificate the page of online payment. Payment secure, your banking information is fully protected.

Fill in the appropriate fields with the information on your card to verify the correctness of the data entered and click the “pay”.

Conditions of transfer:

  • To order a transfer not later than 16 hours before you travel.
  • The cost of the Shuttle service are per car — the number of passengers and the address within the city limits do not affect the cost of the trip.
  • Be sure to specify in the additional information if you need any special conditions for travel such as car seat for a child. Keep in mind that baby seats are charged separately. In some countries it is forbidden to carry child in car without car seats.
  • If you order a transfer to the airport, be sure to plan time on the road with the stock, it is usually sufficient to leave approximately three hours prior to departure.
  • After registration and payment on the specified e-mail will receive a letter of confirmation for transfer. If for any reason you have not received it, please contact the Manager Online Tikets.