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Freedom of choice

Robomobile rental to a new level


In the coming years in the world can be a new service rental cars — services robomobile.

According to information given by experts ABI Research, the active development of car rental industry is to be expected may lead to the fact that less than 15 years more than 400 million people will use Autonomous cars — robomobile, and the number of car owners will significantly decrease. This forecast allowed the researchers to make an active growth of popularity of car-sharing services (short term rental).

The first prerequisite is pointing to such a perspective, experts say, has been the increase in popularity of street services of car hire, when ordering, for the use and return of machine to the company-owner occurring on the same Parking lot. The second stage of improvement and change systems rental cars have become mobile app that allows you to find private drivers or free taxi and similar services, such as Uber. The next phase of this process — the emergence of driverless vehicles and their lease on the market would be a logical conclusion of this process.

According to ABI Research, the emergence of robomobile will completely change the automotive industry in the world. Change the number of private cars, will change the structure of public transport in most countries and rental cars are taken to a new level and will become more accessible. Car sharing, of course, not all cases are the ideal solution, replacing the private car and public transport, but analysts believe that its prospects are very high.

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Date of publication: 23.03.2016

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