Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Baikal will close the entrance for cars to the beach of Olkhon island


Popular among vacationers the beach of Olkhon island, located in Sarayskiy Bay, will now be closed for entry of all types of auto transport. Now get on the largest sandy beach of the island will not be able cars, quads and sportbike — they damage their wheels the integrity of the soil of the island.

In addition, as tourists, vacationers “savages”, is applied to the Baikal nature of the serious damage unauthorized logging for fires unique larches growing on sand throughout the coastal area will be regularly conducted raids of special patrols that will monitor the order and safety nature of the Baikal region.

All protected areas of the island this year will be closed to the public — on the shores of lake Baikal will be organized in the order of 20 Hiking routes, excursions will be conducted solely with the accompaniment of state inspectors of the national Park.

Such measures, according to the fgbu «Baikal Protected”, will save the unique nature of the relic groves and protected natural area.

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Date of publication: 08.04.2016

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