Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Sochi will not allow tourists on summer tires


Cars without winter tires will not be allowed on the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana district — the corresponding order was received from the administration of Sochi.

As reported by the municipal authorities, due to cold on the mountain roads during the night is caused icy, so the drive without winter tires became truly dangerous. In this regard, vehicle without winter tires will simply not let on the territory of the district, and during the peak of the ski season will be limited vehicular traffic in Krasnaya Polyana, the roads will be stationed 15 points of DPS (mobile posts), which will limit the motion and redeployment between Parking traffic flows.

Also during the peak loads, from 28 December to 10 January, it is planned to increase the number of units of passenger vehicles plying urban and suburban routes, which will provide a stable bus and rail transportation in all directions. It is expected that the interval of movement of transport will be no more than 5-7 minutes, and with increasing passenger traffic of over 1000 people per hour it is planned to use reserve buses.

These measures will allow residents and visitors to the region to change in poor weather conditions from the private to public, which will also be of great help and will reduce the risk of accidents.

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Date of publication: 01.12.2016

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