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Insurance for travelers

Going to travel? You already have travel insurance? Service Online Tikets is always ready to help you choose and buy insurance for travel abroad.

What kind of insurance to issue you wouldn't wish on Online Tickets you will always find the right option travel insurance policy for any kind of journey – from active tourism to insurance packages «economy». By purchasing insurance through our service, you will be assured that the policy will be issued without any charges and “pitfalls”.

Insurance for tourists – what and who?

Unfortunately, today, many tourists treat the issue of insurance as something forced and totally unnecessary-who wants before a long-awaited vacation to seriously think about possible trauma or something else, no less sad?

Many travelers, especially those who go to my first trip overseas, don't even want to imagine that long-awaited vacation can be marred by something like that, and therefore to insurance policies tend to be treated as something insignificant, it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money.

And because the insurance many inexperienced tourists are treated like action “tick”, the policy is issued is usually minimal and often not providing coverage of many insurance claims. And if the traveler with such insurance necessary to seek medical help during their vacation, unfortunately, it is almost always faced with certain difficulties.

More experienced tourists usually come to the insurance policy with the utmost seriousness, because insurance is needed not only for registration of documents for entry into another country and obtaining a visa. The policy is for the safety of tourists and guarantee the timely qualified medical assistance.

Better to be safe than neostrata!

In many States, the services of doctors for foreigners are several times more expensive than for locals, but if a patient still does not speak the language of the host country may face additional difficulties and misunderstandings.

Who needs insurance policy? Service professionals Online Tikets can assure you – absolutely everyone! Even if you plan a quiet sightseeing tour with visiting museums and art galleries, when you make a travel insurance, it is advisable to foresee all possible variants of insurance claims that may arise during travel. Even at home, in the usual situation no one can fully protect themselves from sudden dental pain, acute sore throat or food poisoning. And in a strange country, with strange cuisine and an unusual composition of drinking water the risk of disease or poisoning becomes much more.

But in addition to the development or exacerbation of respiratory, infectious or chronic diseases need also to consider the possibility of accidents and accident – because of injuries, unfortunately, can be the most unexpected reasons – from uncomfortable shoes to slippery after the rain the stairs.

In many cases, a good travel medical insurance can save not only the life and health, but also save a considerable part of your savings. Did you know that in some countries a first aid tourists without insurance policy, if, for example, a simple fracture can cost several thousand dollars?

Select insurance

Choose a insurance policy is based on the type of travel purchased the tour and the anticipated release programs, because each type of insurance is valid strictly for a certain type of rest and specific insurance claims.

Still not sure which insurance to buy? Travel portal Online Tikets will help you to quickly and conveniently prepare a reliable insurance policy for tourism or business trip anywhere in the world.

Calculate insurance and apply for its registration with help of our service you can in just a few minutes. Easiest insurance calculator makes it easy to determine the right type of insurance and details all the options you want.

A few mouse clicks you can specify where you intend to travel-abroad or in Ukraine, to choose the type of travel for which you need insurance, choose insurance program and the duration of the trip. To pay for the insurance policy online you can through the service that is most convenient for you.

After you finish the applying for insurance via the Internet, for further details you will contact the Manager of the insurance company. Your insurance policy will be issued after all the questions and you will get ready paper in the day of filing.

Travel insurance: trust companies

Service Online Tikets already for a long time cooperates with the ERV (European Travel Insurance), which specializiruetsya it on travel insurance and travelers.

During his work on the Ukrainian market (since 2006) company ERV has repeatedly proved itself as a reliable insurer, always ready to dialogue with customers. This is why service Online Tikets with confidence offers you insurance packages European Travel Insurance.

With the help of Online Tickets you can always place a reliable insurance policy of different purposes. Insurance of medical expenses, accidents, civil liability insurance and cancellation coverage – these and any other types of travel insurance you can easily place on the website, saving your time and money.

With Online Tikets you will always be confident in the safety of your journeys!