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The ski resort experience: insurance


On the calendar already November, begin to open ski runs at various resorts, and many Ukrainian tourists going to ski tours of the season 2014-2014. But before you go to rest to the ski resort every tourist must obtain travel insurance for active tourism.

Fans of skiing and snowboarding should understand that this sport is indeed quite dangerous, and in case of unexpected situations the insurance policy for tourists will not cover all expenses, so if you plan to do active sports during your holiday, you must be issued a special insurance.

We have prepared a brief information on insurance policies for skiing: what travel insurance you need to register, how much it should cost and what to look for when choosing an insurance policy for guests at a ski resort.

Standard travel insurance

In the standard tour package usually includes transportation to the resort and back (or bus tickets), the cost of the stay and a specific package of services provided by the hotel (this may include full or partial power), as well as medical insurance traveler.

What is covered this type: an unexpected sudden deterioration of health of the traveler received during the holidays injuries of mild to moderate severity. Such a policy is usually quite inexpensive, but the insurance amount you receive for treatment will also be small, so it may not be enough to cover all medical expenses associated with a possible insurance cases during sports activities.

The cost of travel insurance per day is usually about 10-15 hryvnia, and the total sum insured – $30 000 and above.

Travel insurance for extreme relaxation

Insurance for extreme sports is much more expensive (this is associated with increased risk during sports), but it provides a wide range of medical services, as well as large payouts in claims.

Tourists who come to relax on the ski resorts, you can count on coverage by the insurance company of almost all kinds of medical care-from inpatient and outpatient treatment, emergency evacuation by helicopter from a mountain slope and a long rehabilitation. Given the fact that abroad even the minimum medical care is usually very expensive, you can imagine the potential costs if, for example, only the cost of evacuation from ski slopes special medical helicopter is about €15 000.

The cost of insurance for extreme sports is usually about 23-40 hryvnia per day, and the total sum insured – about €50 000 and above.

On the insurance policy, of course, you can save money, but this risk is simply unjustified – the difference in insurance cost would be small, only a couple hundred hryvnia, but the difference in the amount of the sum insured and the available package of health services is really huge. It is also worth remembering that during skiing or snowboarding tourist can injure not only themselves, but also other holidaymakers, and in such cases the cost of treatment is covered by insurance policy of the perpetrator of the accident or from his personal funds (in the absence of insurance or insufficient insurance amount).

Insurance – what to pay attention?

Always pay attention to the design of medical insurance of tourists to the conditions of the policy, the list of insurance cases, insurance and civil liability.

Also, read the list of limitations of payments for insurance cases: what amount the insurer will pay for specific treatments and medical services.

In addition, when issuing the insurance policy, please specify the list of countries in which he operates – this is essential in cases where on the way to vacation or back you will make a stop in another country. This is especially true for bus tours, the route which passes through several other countries.

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Date of publication: 10.11.2014

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