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Phuket: Patong improves security


Patong, a popular tourist city on the island of Phuket, Thailand, introduces a new system of rapid response for tourists: panic buttons in the town.

Such alarm buttons to call the police, intended to help foreign travelers, will be installed in all the popular tourist areas of the city.

To use this method of emergency communication with law enforcement will be able absolutely all the tourists, no matter what situation they were not — the police will quickly assist as lost things or lost in an unfamiliar city travelers and those who need medical care or protection.

panic button located on a special pole, painted red. The height of the structure exceeds two meters, so it can be seen from afar. Each post equipped with a video camera, through which the police can see the tourist, caused by to assess his condition and the situation around.

Also on the poles there are plates with instructions in Thai and English.

When you press the call button assistance will also be automatically activated flashing lights installed at the top of the pole — this will allow to speed up the response, as it will attract the attention of passers-by and nearby patrol.

This system links with representatives of local law enforcement, foreigners who find themselves in a difficult situation, will be able to contact Thai police without the aid of mobile phones that will allow you to save time and to avoid possible difficulties due to the language barrier.

Such a method of communication of foreign tourists with the Thai police in Phuket tested for several months and over this period, the results of using the system in the police is estimated as a very successful and promising, so the introduction of a system of panic buttons on the streets of other cities of Thailand may in the near future.

earlier, we wrote about the introduction ID bracelets for tourists in Thailand

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Date of publication: 09.02.2015

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