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Cyprus: protect the rights of tourists


Cyprus becomes more comfortable for tourists – the rights of travelers under the protection of local authorities. For travelers established a special hotline where you can call in case of any violations, and issued a detailed information booklet, which details explain the main standards operating in the tourism sector in Cyprus, as well as the rights and obligations of visitors to the island.

In the released by the Cyprus tourism organization brochure vacationers tell you what rights and guarantees in conformity with the current legislation of the European Union granted to them, and remind them what to do in case these rights are violated.

Such measures have been taken by the authorities of Cyprus, as most visitors to the island are often not even aware of what they can expect during their vacation here, and often use local hotels and restaurants.

In particular, the insular authorities remind tourists that the policy of some hotels in Cyprus that refuse to host guests with young children, is a gross violation of the UN Convention on the rights of the child. Also unacceptable is the so-called minimum stay – hotels, which set a threshold is also transgress the law.

Another violation, with which travelers can encounter when booking hotels, it is a no return or refund of the Deposit in part: hotels in Cyprus have the right to request from the guest Deposit for reservations (summer only the cost of the three day stay and overnight in the winter). But in case if the reservation of hotel room is cancelled at least 7 days before the expected date of arrival, the hotel must return the entire amount in full.

Also, for example, not all tourists know that by law, all swimming pools in Cyprus must be under the control of the rescuers, which is especially important if you're travelling with kids. In cases where the pool has No lifeguard signs, holidaymakers urged to immediately report such situations to the organization for the tourism, since in the absence of rescuers is considered a threat to the life and safety of visitors.

With regard to public beaches, by law they must be filled with umbrellas and sunbeds only 50% — it is provided by law for those vacationers who prefer to use the private beach facilities and not rented to the public. By the way, rent of beach umbrellas and sunbeds at the municipal beaches should not exceed €2,5.

Restaurants in Cyprus are obliged to provide menus and price lists not only on Greek, but on one of the most common languages on the island: English, Turkish or Russian. Also, the menu must be accompanied by detailed information about the products, of which this dish was prepared, for example, whether they were fresh or frozen, domestic or imported.

If you went on vacation to Cyprus and are faced with any violations of the air carrier, hotel or other companies providing travel services, you can contact the Central office of the Cyprus tourism organisation or the consumers Union of Cyprus.

The Cyprus tourism organisation is located at Leoforos Lemesou 19, Aglantzia. Email: Contact phone: 22-691-100, Fax: 22-334-696, 22-331-644.

The Cyprus consumers Union is located at Athalassa Avenue, 169, 1st floor, office 103, 2015, Strovolos. Email: Contact phone: 22-313-111, Fax: 22-463-077.

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Date of publication: 11.09.2014

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