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Thailand: ID wristbands for tourists


The Ministry of tourism of Thailand, at the initiative of which was previously introduced a special travel insurance "riots," continues to take steps to increase the level of safety of foreign tourists.

Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of tourism and sports Thailand, recently appealed to the leadership of the country's hotels with the proposal to issue guests with an identification bracelets.

If it is a very unusual Ministry's proposal is accepted, ID wristbands for tourists in Thailand will contain data about the hotel, which stopped the traveller (the address, name and phone number), name, nationality, series and number of identity document of the owner of such a bracelet.

Please note: Patong appeared signal buttons for visitor.

Representatives of the tourist police stress that all this information is provided by travelers when completing immigration forms, so using it in order to protect foreign visitors, is perfectly valid.

As explained by the initiative of the head of the Ministry of tourism of the Kingdom of Thailand, it often happens that foreigners find themselves in unpleasant situations because of ignorance of the local language and Thai customs, and even just can get lost in an unfamiliar city. In such situations, there can be some misunderstandings, and promptly find and provide assistance to foreign tourists is simply impossible.

The first Thai resorts, which planned wrist ID bracelets for visitors – Ko Phangan and Ko Tao in Pattaya.

Also the Ministry of tourism of Thailand in addition to identification wristbands for tourists, the wearing of which, as announced, will be voluntary, is planning to implement further the programme of direct communication with foreign guests operators (Buddy system) and to introduce a system of electronic tracking of movement.

Such activity in improving the safety of foreigners in Thailand due to the decline in the popularity of this tourist destination due to the unstable situation in the country. The world's attention has been attracted to the problem of insecurity of foreigners in the Kingdom after the death of two tourists from the UK in September 2014.

According to the Ministry, the compulsory issuance of ID bracelets to tourists in Thailand will have a positive impact on the situation, but a number of Thai hotels have already expressed concerns that such innovations can be negatively perceived by foreigners.

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Date of publication: 02.10.2014

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