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Car rental in Europe

Want to rent a car? Service Online Tickets can always offer a wide selection of cars to rent at affordable prices not only abroad, but also in all cities of Ukraine.

Car rental in Europe is habitual thing. In recent years this service is gaining popularity in our country as well meanwhile demand for rental cars is quite high not only among foreigners but also among Ukrainians. Such increase in interest is explained by the fact that during the journey or business trip a ride on a personal car to another city is not always easy especially if you have a long road.

You should agree that it is much easier to get to the destination city by train or plane and already there to change seats behind the wheel of a car prepared for you. Rented car will always be at your disposal that will save you and your loved ones from any inconvenience related to travel in a foreign country: unknowing of the language, peculiarities of work and schedule of public transport or taxi. When the car is constantly at your disposal, there is no need to carry necessary things or heavy bags – they can be just put into the trunk and gotten where they are needed.

Car as a transport for tourism

Traveling by car is very convenient for tourists: you can stop anywhere anytime, visit all the interesting sights of a particular region and not be tied to a particular route or time schedule of excursion sites. Wherever you go, whether it be a business meeting, traveling with friends or family, a rental car will be for you the most convenient means of transport.

Car rental in Ukraine and abroad is always profitable since you do not need constantly to order a taxi and overpay drivers often offering overpriced rates to foreign tourists. Meanwhile handling of documents for car rental takes very little time so car rental will be an optimal option for tourists preferring to travel independently.

What documents are required for car rental?

  • active credit card
  • plastic driver's license for each of the drivers
  • passports of each of the drivers

Tips for renting a car:

  • Going to rent a car abroad? Booking service Online Tickets prepared for you a few tips useful for both those who has already rented a car, and those who is going to rent a car.
  • You should book a car as early as possible since the closer to the date you will begin to pick up car options, the greater are the chances that the car model you want in a desired city for the desired dates will be already booked by another user. Another argument in favor of early car booking is the price. Early reservation of a car usually saves a significant amount of money.
  • It is also worth noting that usually not a specific model of a vehicle is booked, but its class. Therefore, it is worth remembering that you choose cars presented in a particular group, and in the country where you rent a car you can be offered another model equivalent to the selected class.
  • Before leaving, you should definitely get acquainted with the traffic rules of a country you are planning to visit. Remember that in case of traffic violations all traffic fines will be covered by the person who drives the vehicle so if you break something during handling a vehicle you will have to pay fines after returning to Ukraine.
  • Tourists who travel with their children must take care of their safety and to pre-book special seats for children in accordance with appropriate age, height and weight of the child.
  • As a rule, there is a maximum amount of liability of the tenant for the car in case of theft or accident. Therefore, in order to nullify your responsibility for the vehicle, when booking a car, you should book an extra insurance for such cases. When renting a car in Ukraine and abroad you can order such an insurance policy, but it is not obligatory.
  • At registration make sure that the manager has carefully checked the vehicle and carefully noted all existing damages, if any, in the inspection report. When you return, ask to re-examine the car and assure in writing that it is OK.
  • Also it is necessary to know in advance what gasoline is better to use when refueling a car, you are going to rent. Remember that the car must be returned with a full tank, as the cost of gasoline in the car rental companies can be higher than at the pump stations.
  • Car rental day is 24 hours so the car should be delivered before this deadline. You can be fined for the delay, and the amount of the fine varies depending on the country you are renting a car in. When returning the car do not forget to make sure that the interior is clean – otherwise you will have to pay for its dry cleaning.

To rent a car on Online Tickets? It’s simple!

It is very easy to book a car for a journey via the service Online Tickets, and a process of booking itself will take minimum of time. This can be done at any time of day from anywhere in the world.

In order to rent a car, you should only visit the webpage of Online Tickets “Cars” and to select a necessary country and desirable dates in a search form. In a new page you will be able to see the options of cars available for booking and choose a preferable model.

After clicking “To book” you may order extra services and enter your data (first and last name, e-mail and phone) and to select a preferable payment method.  

That’s all – your car is booked and will wait for you at the right time at the airport or at any other place convenient for you.

Travel in comfort with Online Tickets!