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Freedom of choice

Estonia: the fines for Smoking in cars


Estonia is prepared to adopt a new law providing for substantial fines for Smoking in a vehicle where children are present.

Under the ban fall as regular cigarettes and electronic, the amount of the fine for violators will amount to €800. The driver of the car, which was Smoking at the child, will be fined even if smoke is not he, but one of the passengers. However, the law will be the exception — the rule will not affect the machines with a fully open top.

Such radical measures, the Estonian government will take due to the fact that passive Smoking, i.e. when in the same room with a smoker, the child receives large amounts of harmful substances such as tobacco smoke and steam which can produce electronic cigarette. And considering that when Smoking in a car space is more limited than in any, even the smallest room, the concentration of harmful substances produced by the child in the car, many times higher.

The relevant amendments to the law designed to protect the rights and health of minors,  has been prepared by the Ministry of social Affairs of the country.

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Date of publication: 15.08.2016

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