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Freedom of choice

Scooter in Paris


Due to the high congestion of modern Paris, one of the most convenient ways to travel through the streets of the French capital are trips on scooters. Accordingly, the service of renting scooters in Paris is popular with both locals and tourists - small, brisk and maneuverable, often they allow you to reach your destination much faster than a taxi or a private car.

Because of the high popularity, the number of electric scooters that are leased increases annually: in 2017 the number of scooters on the streets of Paris from Cityscoot will be 1600 units of transport, and in 2018 the management plans to expand its fleet to 2500. Also in the city already in this There will be new parking stations that will be located not only in the central urban areas, but also on the periphery.

Not only experienced drivers can take a scooter, but also beginners - those who do not know how to operate such a two-wheeled transport are provided with 30 minutes of hire at a special training site for mastering the basics of management.

Scooter rent is charged per minute, the rental price is 28 euro cents for every minute of use. You can also buy packages of minutes at special prices - 100 minutes for € 25 and 500 minutes for € 100.

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Date of publication: 31.05.2017

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