Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

The prohibition of bicycles in Venice


The municipal government of Venice banned the bikes — now the tourists faces a fine of €50 for appearing on the streets on a Bicycle.

In addition, prohibited not only directly Cycling — the penalty will have to pay also for those who just manually roll your two-wheeled transport on the road, and even carries it without dropping to the ground. The relevant amendment to the legislation adopted by the municipal Council, already entered into force, and the local police informed about the new rules of transportation in Venice.

It should be noted that such strict requirements apply only to tourists-the locals are allowed to carry their bicycles from the train station, vaporetto stops and Piazzale Roma to the Islands and their homes, provided that they are transported the shortest route.

Travellers are advised to leave your two-wheeled transport outside the city limits on special veloparking. 

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Date of publication: 01.11.2016

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