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New rules of travelling with kids in Italy


From January 2017, motorists in Italy came into force changing the law for motorists — in the country stricter rules on the transportation of children.

Now the technical requirements for the safe carriage of a child in the car, involving the use of special seats, will start from the height and weight of a small passenger.

Car seat group 0/0+:

This category includes toddlers aged from six months to two years (the child's weight is in the range of 10 to 13 kilograms). Permitted use special car cradles with horizontal position of the baby in her and with a slightly raised back.

Car seat for group 1/2:

Children aged 2 to 6 years (weight of 9-25 kg) must be carried in cars only with backs, armrests and locking seat belts.

Car seats for group 3:

Children above 125 cm can be carried in “booster” — chairs, allowing you to lift a small passenger car seat to the desired height and fasten the car seatbelts.

In addition, now baby car seat without a back, also called “cushion”, it is forbidden to use for children whose growth is below 125 cm, whereas the Italian legislation allows their use for children weighing 15-36 kg (age 4-6 years). In case of violation of these rules to the parents of the child have to pay €81 fine.

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Date of publication: 29.03.2017

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