Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Airlines are tightening security rules


A number of airlines zrobili said about Paasilinna vimoh to BEZPEKA pid hour vikonannya pasazhirskikh rasv after, aviakatastrofe, Yak talasa s ltcom Germanwings 24 March 2015 rock in the Alps pid DN-Les-Bains, France.

Yak showed results Rosslyn airliner CCB namesno of snimeni others platom passazhirskogo lthaca A320, that christava timchasovogo vastly Captan potranco ship in can, zablokowa VHD apartment is in good condition I spremuta litak on grski Shil, resultat chogo zaginul 149 osib.

For this reason pod to the rules in airlines peredachi mandatory'patterns in perebuvannya can plot odnochasno oboh clev EPA, Captan ltake I plot other, but thus allowed Korotkaya vastly one of them on svoa f.

For this reason after pod cervetto in airlines Buli preganat Duc rules, I widen mandatory'Askov Novi regular scho predvajati the povna Zamorano on prisutnosti have can plot only one member Cau. Now, if one plots necessary z z ACOs causes tymczasowo piti zi svogo rabochego msca, Cabo guilty bude spochatku pass a different member of the  Cai. Yaky bude guilty salsateca on Yogo f to point povernennya plot. So, uvajaut in airlines, vdastsya viluchiti mozliwosci whether yakih di, nebezpechnih for the healthy life I'I Pasaieru clev Cau, s side zalishivsya on samot plot.

Nova regulation vzhe scored cinnost s 26 March 2015 rock for vsih avatarist, Canada, and s 27 March   pasazhirskikh ltakv easyJet and INSHI Britannic avakompas planuoti to enter Vdovin mandatory'Askov and Norma for their comercia rasv nayblyzhchym hour.

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Date of publication: 30.03.2015

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