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How to apply for medical insurance for tourists?


Travel medical insurance should be every traveler, regardless of where he decided to go – on the extreme ski resort or in a family tour.

That gives medical insurance to tourists? Remember, it's not only one of necessary to travel abroad documents and visa-it entitles you to free medical care.

How to apply for a health insurance tourist? Portal online Tikets prepared for you a short step-by-step instructions to get the policy of medical insurance.

Where to buy insurance? Choose the company

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian market today are dozens of companies quickly understand which of them can make reliable travel medical insurance is sometimes not so easy.

If you just type in a search engine query “what is the insurance company for the tourist the best" of you, of course, immediately will give a mountain of results with optimistic statements that this company is the most reliable insurer. But do not immediately send an application for registration of the policy, because it is not always what is advertised, is the best.

Remember that insurers specializing in tourism policies, cooperate with assistance-international insurance companies, so the reliability and availability of the insurance in cases of medical services directly depends on the work and credibility of these assistance.

Therefore, it is important not only an insurance company in which you purchase travel insurance before you travel, but also assistance with which it works in a particular region.

Find out from assistant companies the insurer in the region to which you travel. Safer than the company-Assistans (or rather its representative chosen to travel the country), the more it contracts with hospitals and doctors. And, consequently, the easier it will be to pay for medical services through the insurer.

However, it is worth noting that to travel to Europe should not focus on these nuances. To travel to Europe to buy a policy in any of the accredited Embassy of the insurance companies.

Select the type of medical insurance for travelers

Insurance policies come in different types: some only cover emergency services and repatriation, while others include the whole range of medical services, including dental care.

However, often this amount does not exceed $200, so, given the cost of dentistry in Europe, don't count on a full range of services the dentist and fillings on the insurance policy of all teeth.

The cost of the travel medical insurance can vary from its type, coverage, and region. For example, travel medical insurance “classic” for a week (one from Europe with coverage of 30000 EUR) will cost about 100-150grn. Package “Standard”, certainly cheaper, but since the difference between the programs is almost always a slight (about 20-40 USD), is yet to buy a policy of the highest class.

Please note that in most types of travel health insurance is required to have a restriction: the insurance does not cover injuries obtained through sports.

Therefore, if you plan to ski or be on the surf, be sure to buy special insurance for active tourism – it will cost much more expensive, but guaranteed to protect your rights in any emergency.

To apply for a tourist medical insurance, you need to come to the office of the insurance company with valid international passport or its copy, choose the type of insurance and the cost of coverage (to enter the territory of Schengen countries, for example, you must have medical insurance for tourists with coverage of 30,000 Euro), specify the dates of trip and pay the insurance through the Bank.

How to use travel medical insurance

If while traveling you happened any accident, it is important to understand what to do and not to panic. Of course, the insurance consultant must give you a detailed briefing, but some additional tips will not prevent.

In case of health problems the tourist should immediately contact the assistance company which takes over the organization of skilled medical care. Contact representatives of the company will be listed in the leaflet, which you should definitely be given back in the Ukraine when making an insurance policy.

Аssistance working around the clock, the staff speaks foreign languages and has a medical education. If you have problems with English, please ask before the trip if they have assistance in the country where you are going, Russian-speaking consultants.

Just in case you should make a little cheat sheet with translations of key phrases for example, “help, my stomach hurts" (Help, I have a stomach ache), “I broke my leg " (I broke my leg), etc. Remember that an emergency even those who know foreign languages at a pretty decent level, in an emergency can lose all of your vocabulary, and explain your problem will take a long time.

After the call Manager you are required to arrange necessary medical care. For example, the assistant representative will get in touch with you the nearest clinic to arrange a doctor's appointment and get back to you.

How to get health insurance

In some cases, for example, if you suffered a serious injury or are experiencing unbearable pain, it is not necessary to wait for assistance you “good will” and can arrange hospitalisation or a doctor away.

Immediately go to the clinic and pay all the necessary manipulations and procedures at their own expense – the insurer is obliged to reimburse you for all expenses. The only condition-be sure to save all receipts and doctor's referral. Most insurance support this format and return the money to you immediately after homecoming.

Of course, the insurance policy need to have with you. It is recommended to scan it (together with all documents) before you travel and keep in your email – so you almost always and everywhere is replacement ability to access it.

Most importantly, remember that travel medical insurance is needed first and foremost for you, not the visa officer at the Consulate or border officials at passport control. After all, when illness or accident the cost of treatment may not be strictly comparable with the cost of the insurance policy, so the policy purchase should be approached with all responsibility. It does not impose unnecessary piece of paper, and guarantee the safety of your health.

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Date of publication: 08.04.2014

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