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Freedom of choice

Europcar car electric car Nissan Leaf lease


In London for March 2015 are available for rental electric cars — Europcar, one of the world's leading car rental companies, is starting a project on partial replacement of its fleet to electric cars Nissan Leaf.

The project, as reported by Eurocar, is for five years — until 2020, about 5% of the fleet of rental vehicles of the company will be replaced with electric vehicles.

Electric car Nissan Leaf promises to be a good solution not only from the point of view of sustainability, but also in the question of economy — the tenants of these vehicles will significantly save on gasoline, since all costs associated with charging the batteries of these electric vehicles, assumes Europcar.

When issuing the tenant with electric car the Nissan Leaf will be provided with all necessary information about the features of such cars, the specifics of control, recharge, and the location of filling stations for electric vehicles. Instruct tourists who have decided rent a electric car will be specially trained employees of Eurocar company.

As reported in the company Nissan, electric the Nissan leaf on a single full charge is able to overcome distances of up to 175 kilometers, which exceeds the according to statistics the range of daily trips, almost 90% of drivers from Europe.

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Date of publication: 01.04.2015

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