Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Free Parking in Brussels is cancelled


Soon free Parking in the city centre of Brussels will be cancelled — the decision was taken by the municipal Council of the Belgian capital.

Now in the old part of Brussels are the so-called “blue” and “yellow” Parking areas providing free Parking, subject to certain conditions. For example, in “blue” area motorists can leave their cars free of charge for 2 hours and “yellow” are Parking spaces for private vehicles of residents of the houses on the first line.

Now these two Parking areas are abolished — instead, on-site “Pentagon”, as they call the old part of the city, residents of the capital, will be made pay “green” Parking where to leave the car for half a day will be for €25.

Parking in the pedestrian area of Brussels will be allowed only drivers with a special permit. Inhabitants of the Central part of the capital, with municipal maps, will be able to Park their cars in any pay zones other than walking, without paying any fees.

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Date of publication: 14.06.2016

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