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Freedom of choice

Bus: TOP-questions

What are the necessary data for the passenger when placing an order?
When placing your order, you need to enter the following information:
1. Surname, name of the passenger (if the flight is internal, it is necessary to fill in the data in Cyrillic, if the flight is international, the data is filled in Latin letters);
2. Date of birth of the passenger;
3. Series, passport number of the passenger.
If in your order there are several tickets, then you need to fill in the data for each passenger of the bus.
What type and type of ticket can I get after I pay?
Each bus carrier has different electronic tickets by type and type. The type of electronic ticket each carrier determines automatically after your payment.
There are only three types of bus electronic tickets (or vouchers):
1. Voucher, which must be changed for a ticket at the bus depot.
2. A voucher that you need to change for a ticket when boarding a bus.
3. A voucher that you do not need to change.
You can see the electronic ticket on the site in the section "My ticket", also after your payment we will send a voucher to your e-mail.
Note! Passengers of the bus should carefully read the electronic ticket and print it. It is possible that your e-ticket needs to be exchanged for a paper ticket.
Why are there all the flights in the bus ticket office, and not everything on the site?

On the Online Tickets site, a passenger can only find in the search those flights that are provided by bus carriers. That is why our flights do not show those flights that are in the bus ticket offices.

How can I find out what will be the place on the bus for me?
Bus carriers, unfortunately, do not provide a map of the location of passenger seats on the bus. When booking tickets on the site, you automatically select the available seats at the moment. When there are 2 or more free places, the system will reserve places that are closest to each other in the order of the queue.
After payment you can find out your place on the bus, it is indicated in the line "Place" in the electronic ticket. It happens that the place on the bus is assigned by the driver during the boarding of passengers, then the electronic ticket specifies a number that exceeds the number of all seats on the bus, for example. "№ 65", or simply the designation "SV".
How can I find out the model and comfort of the bus?
Many carriers can specify information about the bus model on a paid e-ticket or on the payment page for your order. On the Online Tickets site, the bus model is indicated in parentheses after the direction you have chosen, for example, Odessa-Kiev Railway Station (Neoplan Bus). Find out information about the conditions of comfort in the bus you can use the Internet, requesting data in the search engine.
Note! Sometimes the bus model can be changed for technical reasons of the bus carrier.
How can I find my bus at the departure station?

The passenger should be guided by the name of the bus, the number of this flight and the time of departure of the bus, which are indicated in the electronic ticket. Also, all information is usually displayed on the scoreboard, the stand of the bus station. If your e-ticket needs to be exchanged at the ticket office of the bus terminal, it is better to check the details with the cashier.

How can I return a ticket to the bus?

To return a paid ticket to the bus, you need to contact the Support Service by e-mail:, or by phone: +38 (044) 502-74-38.