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Hotels: TOP-questions

How are hotels classified?
Are you planning to go on vacation to a foreign country and have already booked the hotel? Congratulations! And how do you know how good a hotel you have chosen?
As you all know, each hotel has its own level - the number of stars assigned to it for service, quality, comfort, availability of certain services and so on. However, not everyone knows what criteria should correspond to certain hotels in order to get a certain number of stars.
So, how are the hotels classified?
The more stars, the better?
To the surprise of most travelers, not always a large number of hotel stars attests to its high level and quality of services provided. The thing is that for today in the hotel business there is no single organization that establishes the level of hotels and standardizes hotel services. As a rule, this is the responsibility of national associations of hotels, which monitor compliance with an institution's stated requirements.
As practice shows, most national associations present the following requirements to hotels:
1 star. The area of ​​a double room in this hotel should be approximately 8-10 square meters. The room must have a wardrobe or a hanger, chairs, a mirror, a washbasin and 2 towels for each visitor. Cleaning is done daily, linen change - every 7-8 days, and towels - every 3 or 4 days. In such hotels there must be at least 2 baths per floor and 1 toilet not more than 5 rooms.
2 stars. Almost everything is the same as in hotels of the category 1 *, only bed linen is changed every 6 days, and the bathroom and toilet are usually in the room. In such hotels should be a cafe or restaurant, and guests are offered options for food.
3 stars. Starting from this category of hotels and above, each room must have a bathroom, toilet, luggage stand, dressing table, radio. Most three-star hotels have air conditioning and a TV. The floors here are usually tiled, and bed linen is changed 2 times a week. From perfumery supplies, tourists are offered only soap, and in some hotels you can also rent an iron. In addition to all this, the hotel can accommodate a swimming pool, restaurant, guarded parking lot, hairdresser, currency exchange, business center. The hotel staff wear uniforms. The rooms range from 10 to 12 square meters.
4 stars. In hotels of category 4 * everything is the same as in three-star hotels, plus: telephone, safe, mini-bar, individual air-conditioning, hairdryer, shampoo and bathroom gel for each room. Linen and towels are changed daily, and guests are provided with services such as laundry, ironing and cleaning clothes. Each room is usually served with a breakfast menu, while on site you can usually find beauty salons, fitness centers, a sauna, restaurants, swimming pools, games and conference rooms. The area of ​​rooms in such hotels should not be less than 13 square meters.
5 stars. Here everything is the same as in hotels of class 4 *, but at a better level. Sometimes in the rooms of such hotels there is a second bathroom and a telephone in the bathroom. The area of ​​rooms in five-star hotels is usually not less than 16 square meters.
In hotels of category 4 and 5 stars, there are suites (apartments), elevators, as well as all kinds of additional services, including currency exchange, laundry, dry cleaning, breakfast and late dinner service, taxi call, souvenirs and newspapers.
Alternative hotel classifications
In some countries, there are alternative hotel classifications. For example, in Turkey, a traveler can enjoy a vacation in club hotels (Holiday Village), which are divided into the following types:
5 * HV is a hotels of the club system with accommodation in cottages (bungalows). They usually correspond to 5-star hotels. Such institutions are distinguished by good animation, vast territory, but the rooms in them are small
4 * HV - is a club hotel of a lower category
In some regions of Greece, the designation of hotels in Latin letters remains, although a standard classification has now begun here.
De Luxe - similar to hotels 5 *
A - hotels of category 4-4 + *
B - to hotels 3-3 + *
C - Hotels 2 *
D - Hotels 1 *
Classification of hotels at a distance from the sea
Hotels can vary and according to such criteria as distance from the sea:
1st coastline - hotels that are near the sea
2nd coastline - such hotels are located just farther from the beach or across the road from it
City hotel - is located directly on the territory of the city
Does the room price include taxes?

Yes, the basic taxes are included in the price of each room in the hotel. The amount of all taxes depends on the established rules of the hotel and its location. All information about taxes and fees will be indicated in the e-mail, which is sent to your e-mail right after the reservation.

How can I receive a confirmation of my hotel reservation?

After you pay the reserved room, an email with a confirmation of your booking will be sent to the e-mail, also you can download it on the website of our hotel partner.

Why did they tell me at the hotel that the room reservation was not paid for?

If you indicated at the time of booking that the payment will be made at the hotel, then you will pay for your accommodation upon departure. If you paid for a booked room on the site, but the hotel administration states that there is no payment, do not worry! Our company Online Tickets cooperates with many hotels through partners, so your payment for a room can arrive at this hotel for a different period of time. If you have similar situations, then you need to contact the Support Service.

If I'm already late for settling in a hotel without prepayment, then what should I do?
If you check into the hotel room before 18:00 without prepaid payment (full or partial amount), you will need to contact the hotel and notify about late arrival. In this case, the hotel has the right to cancel your booking.
If your plans have changed and you know for sure that you will arrive late in the hotel, then you will need to contact the hotel and inform the administrator about the delay. Otherwise, the hotel has the right to cancel your booking without a refund.
If I need an early check-in room, what should I do?

Usually the hotel settles in at 14:00. If you need to settle in the room before the set time, then you can contact this hotel by the contacts received immediately after payment of the reservation.

If I need a late check-out, what do I do then?
Usually the time of eviction from the hotel room is from 11:00 to 12:00. There are such hotels that charge an additional fee for late eviction and rooms.
If you need a late check-out, then you can inform the hotel about this.
How can I book a parking spot?

If you want to reserve a parking space, then for an additional fee you can use this additional service. Contact the hotel and find out if parking is available on site.

Does the room usually include breakfast?

This information you can see in the description of the hotel room and in his electronic ticket. If breakfast is not included in the price of the room, then contact the administrator and find out the cost.

How can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel the hotel reservation on the website of our hotel partner. In the "My Reservations" tab, you need to select your order and click the "Cancel reservation" button.

Please note that you can cancel the reservation only in accordance with the hotel's established rules. Cancellation terms for booking with your prepayment are as follows:

1. Free cancellation - you will be refunded the full cost of booking a room on the payment card with which you paid.

2. Fine at cancellation - you will be refunded the amount of your booking minus the penalty for cancellation of the order. The repayment period of your funds is up to 30 working days.

3. The price is not refundable - the hotel picks up the entire cost of booking the room.

All the rules for cancellation of the reservation can be found in the letter that comes to you on the e-mail right after the order is created.