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Air: TOP-questions

If you need to purchase a ticket for a plane in advance, for what period can you do this?

The passenger has the right to purchase a ticket to the plane in advance - for 364 days. Each airline sets its deadline. On the Online Tickets site you can purchase a ticket no later than four hours before the time of departure for the flight you need.

Can I book a ticket through a mobile phone or tablet?

Each passenger has the opportunity to book, as well as pay for tickets through mobile devices. Just go to the website via your mobile phone or tablet and use the simplified mobile version.

If the order is not paid, then the booking of the ticket is saved?
On the Online Tickets website you can pay the air ticket on time - up to 12 (twelve) hours from the time of your booking. With each individual booking, the payment period will be indicated, but it may be less than 12 hours. If during this time you did not pay your order, then the reservation is canceled.
Please note: each airline has the right to cancel all unpaid reservations at any time and without notice, regardless of the payment dates specified earlier.
What does the status of my booking mean?
The status of your booking can be found in the section "My Ticket". The following are the values ​​of all the statuses that can be assigned to your booking.
Reserved. Waiting for payment to the agency means that you have successfully booked your ticket. Your payment is expected.
Reserved. Waiting for payment to the airline means that you have successfully booked your ticket. Your payment is expected. But only here the passenger pays for his means of the airline. Tickets are issued when the airline authorizes this statement: approximately, within 3-6 hours after the creation of the order. When a ticket is issued, the airline has the right to block funds from you on the payment card. Separately for each ticket the airline charges their cost from your payment card, it happens about 30 days after the funds are blocked.
Waiting for an extract is when your order is paid. The waiting time for issuing a ticket is somewhere, 3-6 hours from the moment when the funds are transferred to an agency account or authorized by an airline.
In the process of payment confirmation - this means that at this stage there is a check: is it legitimate whether your payment card is used (antifrod control).
Paid and discharged - this is when the payment has already been received, an electronic air ticket has been issued, and you also receive an e-mail with a receipt-ticket with the information about the ticket, which is indicated when creating the order.
Canceled - this is when the air ticket you booked was canceled. Occurs because the payment waiting time has expired (up to 12 hours after booking).
Canceled by the agency - this is when the air ticket you booked was canceled by the agency. A letter will be sent to your e-mail, in which the agency will indicate the reasons for the cancellation.
Canceled by the user - this is when the user himself cancels the reserved ticket. Please note that it is not possible to recover your canceled ticket reservation, but you have the opportunity to create the same new order.
Paid after cancellation is when your booking has been canceled. The system of our website Online Tickets has fixed the payment of the order after the booking has expired. In that case, you'd better contact the Support Service.
In the process of return - this is when the application for the return of your ticket has been received and is still under processing. The processing time for such an application is 72 hours after its submission. The terms of refunds depend on the chosen method of ticket payment.
Funds returned - when the application for the return of your ticket has already been processed, the order is canceled, and the money will be sent to the payer in the same way that the order was paid for.
Payment is not confirmed - this is when payment for your booking is not confirmed. The reasons may be:
1) your payment card does not have enough funds or a limit on the amount of your payments;
2) you failed to pass anti-fraud-checking on the payment card;
3) for technical reasons. Detailed information will be indicated in the e-mail, which we will send you by e-mail.
Awaiting confirmation from the agency - payment of the order is in the process of verification.
Waiting for information to return - we expect the user to provide all the additional information that is needed to return funds to your payment card. Detailed information will be indicated in the e-mail, which we will send you by e-mail.
Note! When there are non-standard situations that were not described in our article, then experts from the Support Service of our site will contact you.
In order to see your current order status, you need to update your browser's page and (or) check your email.
How can I get a route receipt?

To receive a route receipt, you can download the electronic version of the receipt on the website in the section "My Ticket". To enter your personal account, use your e-mail and password, which we sent to e-mail (check, perhaps, the message was spammed).

If I'm flying in transit, what do I need to know?
Before your flight it is necessary to clarify in certain organizations - embassy, ​​consulate, visa centers of the destination country / transplant, also at the carrier carrier, at the airport of transplantation:
- whether you need to issue a transit visa (depending on the point of transfer);
- whether there is such an opportunity to go outside the airport during the transplant (depending on the type of visa);
- whether it is necessary to pick up luggage, or it will be automatically transferred to the next flight of the aircraft (depending on the conditions of the carrier, as well as the duration of the transplant and other factors);
- whether the airline can provide the hotel and meals, when the transplant is long;
- Do I need to register for a flight after each transfer, or registration takes place only once for the first segment of the air flight.
 Note! Some airports may be closed at certain times for technical reasons. Then you will definitely need a transit (perhaps another) visa for this country.
Before departure you must check all the information on the website of the airline and airport, as well as in the embassy, ​​consulate, visa center of a certain country.
 The agency must provide the passenger with an opportunity to familiarize himself with all the requirements of documents for transportation, visas, as well as recommendations concerning the medical requirements of your trip prior to the booking of air tickets on a specific link on the page of this booking.
How to correctly enter the passenger's data when booking an air ticket?
When booking an air ticket in the appropriate fields, you need to enter the passenger's data from the document according to which the flight will be carried out - a passport, an internal passport, a birth certificate and other documents:
1. If you fly with a foreign passport, then the name and the name of the passenger in certain fields must coincide with the data specified in the document.
2. If you are flying on an internal passport, then the name and name must be entered in accordance with the rules of transliteration. To do this, you need to enter the special sites-transliters, which will translate the letters Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin alphabet.
3. Letters from the series of the child's birth certificate or internal passport must be entered in the field "Document number" in the Latin alphabet. But if in the series of your document there is a Cyrillic alphabet, which is not the same in the Latin alphabet, then you need to specify a Latin similar letter on the sound.
4. Roman numerals and symbol - number "No" - must be entered in Latin letters (No. -N).
When you book domestic flights around Russia, for a few airlines in the "Passenger Data" field, you need to add your middle name (if any). In the field "Patronymic", your data must be entered in accordance with the rules of transliteration.
When filling out your data - name and surname, the fields are calculated only by 60 characters. Characters that exceed this number of characters will be deleted automatically.
What should you do if there are unforeseen changes?

If the airline has made changes to the timetable for your flight or if there has been a cancellation of the flight, then you need to write an e-mail to our Customer Support:

What do I need to know when buying a flight ticket from a low-cost airline?

On our Online Tickets website you have the opportunity to purchase tickets for flights of so-called "budget" airlines. You should pay attention to the differences between buying a ticket for a flight from a loukost airline and buying a ticket for a flight from regular air carriers. If you want to know in detail all the features when buying tickets for flights of low-cost airlines, then contact the support service

Will the food be on the flight I have chosen?

There are such airlines that can offer meals exclusively on long-haul flights. You can contact our support service to find out if there is food on this flight.

Can I choose a special menu?

After booking the ticket you have the opportunity to order a special menu, but at the same time is limited - 48 hours before the departure of the aircraft. Each airline has its own menu, but sometimes it happens that meals may not be available on this flight. You can learn more about how you can order special food by contacting our support service

How do I properly register for a flight?

The procedure for check-in usually starts 2-4 hours before departure and must end 40-60 minutes before the departure of the aircraft. There are also airports where the registration for international flights is as follows: the start of registration takes place 4 hours before departure, the end of registration 1 hour before the departure of the aircraft. If you are late for registration, the airline can cancel the booking of your ticket.

Can I check-in online?
In order to register online you need a PNR number (reservation number) or your electronic ticket number. You need to enter the site of this air carrier and select the option "Online registration", then you will have access to booking your ticket. To proceed to online registration, enter your booking number or your e-ticket number, then enter your last name. Many airlines allow you to register for the flight online not earlier than 24 hours before the departure of the aircraft. You must remember that it is not possible to register baggage online.
Note! After you go through check-in, the air carrier can not already make changes to your ticket.
Where can I find the number of my booking and the number of my electronic ticket?
This information you can find on the site in the section "My ticket", and also it is indicated in the itinerary receipt. Below are examples of the ticket reservation number and e-ticket number.
Booking number: 65 HT ER
E-ticket number: 043-7544386210
How can I get my boarding pass?

After successfully completed check-in for a flight, you get a boarding pass. There are such airlines that, after registering online, send you an e-mail boarding pass. You can print this coupon. Also, some air carriers may allow you to register with your boarding pass through the mobile application.

If I can not print a boarding pass or register for an online flight, what should I do?

In this case, when registering at the airport, you can show your passport and route-receipt for this flight. To be able to register, you must arrive at the airport: when the domestic flight is 1-2 hours before departure, when the international flight is 2-4 hours before departure.

What are the rules of luggage?
In the itinerary receipt, the baggage allowance for your flight is indicated. There are 2 systems of baggage allowance: weight and number of seats.
1. Weight concept - this system sets the luggage weight limit. It is indicated in the itinerary receipt K, KG.
A passenger can carry free of charge the amount of luggage in kilograms, which is indicated in the itinerary receipt in the form of a certain number (0, 10, 15, 20, etc.).
The weight of all baggage is allowed to be formed by several of your suitcases, but only on condition that they do not exceed the dimensions that the air carriers set.
2. Number of seats system (piece concept) - this system sets a limit according to the number of pieces of baggage. With this system you need to register each piece of luggage.
Denoted in the routing receipt by the symbols N, PC, P.
The number of places for luggage is indicated by the number (0, 01, 1, 2, etc.). Each airline sets a certain weight of a piece of luggage.
For example, in the itinerary receipt in the "Baggage" field, "25K" is indicated - this means that the passenger can carry luggage weighing up to 25 kilograms. If "3N" is indicated in the itinerary receipt, it means that the passenger can carry 3 pieces of baggage for free.