Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Railway: Booking and payment

How to book a railway ticket?

To book or buy a train ticket for domestic or international train, use the form at the top of the page, under "Railway".

1. Enter desired trip parameters

Enter the departure city and arrival in the Russian language, click the desired date in the calendar and click “find”.

The system will show you all the available options for the rail journey with detailed information about each of them on your specified day. Select the appropriate train, car type (economy class, coupe, luxury or other) and number of the car. The unfolding scheme click specify places in the train that you want to buy. The number of selected places, fields will appear to fill the passenger data.

2. Complete the passenger information

Enter Latin letters the names of the passengers, for which to purchase train tickets. Be sure to check the details are correct before confirming the order.

If this is your first booking on the website, save a unique password for your personal account, which the system will generate for you.

Click “Book”, and the system will create a reservation for railway tickets at your specified data.

How to pay for a railway ticket?

Please note that the validity of the reservation without payment of tickets — 30 minutes, and to pay for the train tickets you need to this time expires, otherwise your booking will be automatically cancelled.

Payment of the booked train tickets online is available in two ways:

  • Bank map
  • Private 24

Choose your preferred payment services and click “Continue”, follow the prompts on the page of the selected payment option.

Please note that some payment methods may provide for a fee.

After the payment to your e-mail will be sent with the order confirmation. Print Elektronnyi a train ticket from your personal account on the website  it and show it while landing together with the passport.