Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Cars: TOP-questions

Car rent service
If you do not want to travel around the city on public transport with tourists, then you need to rent a car for travel. Our company Online Tickets cooperates with many successful agencies, so picking the perfect car for you will not be difficult. Cars are divided into the following classes: Full, Standard, Special, Medium, Compact, Mini, Premium. If you find it difficult to determine the supplier, then you can see customer feedback on this service. Car rental service providers are distributed according to the following criteria:
- Price-quality ratio";
- Fast service;
- The time that is spent on getting a car;
- The time that is spent on returning the car;
- Cleanliness of the car;
- The location of the rental car.
You can pay for the rental service through a bank payment card. You do not need to wait long, without queues, an affordable price, excellent service and a huge selection of cars. Please, your trip will be unforgettable!
Can I make changes to my order?

You can not make changes to your order. It is necessary to cancel the booking of the car, and then create a new car order.

A security deposit, what is it?
When you hire a car, the obligatory condition is the registration of a security deposit, the amount of the deposit depends on the company that provides rental services.
The mandatory amount of the insurance deposit must be paid upon signing the lease agreement at the company's office. If all the conditions for renting a car are met, then when you return the car you will be returned and the insurance deposit. Also, some tenants may require the driver to have a bank credit card (in his name) with enough money in the account to cover this insurance deposit (blocked on your card during the entire rental period of the car).
Fuel Policy
Each rental company has its own fuel policy, with which you can find out when creating a reservation for car rental. This information is indicated in the Voucher-confirmation and in the Lease Agreement, which you sign in the office of the company.
If the car rental period is three days or less, you can inform the company about it when you receive the car. You can be offered a more optimal option for fuel.
Most car rental companies may require you to leave a deposit or pay for fuel before renting a car. If after the return of the car all the requirements of the fuel policy are met, then the deposit is returned to the client.
How can I receive and use a voucher?

After you paid, our company will send you an e-mail voucher. You will need to print it and show before renting a car.

Can I cross the border by car that is rented?

If you want to go abroad in the country where you rented a car, then tell our company about this no less than a week before the car rental.

How to return a rented car?
You can return the rented car in the same place where you rented it. If you plan to return the car in another place, then indicate this information on the Online Tickets website in the search form of car booking. You need to choose a country, a city, a place where you will return the car. A rented car must be returned clean and with a full tank of gasoline. If these conditions are not met, then you will be charged with the cost of car washing or refueling with gasoline.
What should I do if an accident or car breakdown occurs?
If suddenly there was a breakdown of the car or an accident occurred, then you urgently need to contact the rental company from which you rented a car. The company must provide a car repair or replace it with another car.
Be sure to keep a copy of all the necessary documents that you will fill out. These copies of documents may be needed for the insurance company if you contact them. Also keep a copy of the protocol and materials about the offense you committed, if you suddenly got into an accident.