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Freedom of choice

Special checkpoints on the border with the Crimea


On the Crimean border, Ukraine will establish a special skip mode, which will monitor the exit and entry to the occupied territory.

The checkpoint will operate virtually all of the standard border service, military and customs officers.

As reported by Serhiy Sobolev, the head of fraction "Batk_vshchina" these measures are the introduction of a visa regime with ark – they are designed for stopping and detention of terrorist groups, detect illicit goods, illegal substances and weapons.

Serhiy Sobolev called the measures, the special regime for the control of crossing of the boundaries of the temporarily occupied territories.

The reason for such action, the head «Fatherland» calls that the Kremlin can turn the Crimean Peninsula in the area of money laundering, trafficking of drugs and weapons.

«From the Crimea want the example of Transnistria to create virtually the same area to do the same cesspools. As practice shows, this can create conversion centres who will be engaged in illegal money laundering, illegal arms sales and drugs. Putin hopes to turn the Crimea into a second Transnistria illegal territory through which will be provided by the illegal smuggling of alcohol, cigarettes, weapons and drugs», — said Sobolev.

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Date of publication: 20.03.2014

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