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Freedom of choice

Travel safely. Insurance policies


When ahead of the holiday, tickets ordered, hotel booked, bags were collected and the whole family unanimously believes remaining until departure days, it is very easy to forget in this joyous commotion about something important. For example, on the insurance.

Many tourists often neglect thorough insurance policy, considering that it is a waste of time and money. But if, during long-awaited vacations tourists have to go for medical help, he finds himself in a difficult situation, because overseas medical services are very expensive.

But if the visitor is still not very well know foreign languages, local hospital can give him a nasty surprise, and not one.

Price health

In Finland, for example, call an ambulance, as a one-time visit to the doctor costs about 200-250 euros, and hospitalization can cost a newcomer to 7 thousand euros a week. This can become especially critical when abroad to rest leave women at significant stages of pregnancy – precisely because of the desire “to have time to hit the road to the sea” before the advent of the baby tourists "in position" often in maternity wards of local hospitals.

About health insurance for travel is not only to think ahead, but to carefully approach this issue. If you want to buy insurance for traveling abroad, quickly, better not to hurry, because this document may depend on your life and the lives of your loved ones, so be very careful when obtaining health insurance for trips abroad.

How to choose an insurance policy for travelling?

Insurance for travel abroad can be issued in a travel Agency where you book tours, or directly to the insurance company. To insure, of course, is only reliable companies that are in the market for a long time and have not acquired the negative reviews-this will protect you from possible problems in the insurance case.

Before buying the first proposed insurance policy, be sure to ask the tour operator or the Manager of your insurance company about all mentioned in the document of insurance cases and insurance terms.

Find out in detail the order of prices for medical services and legal services in the country to which you plan to go. Ask the Manager, does the law of the country in which you are planning to go on tour, compulsory medical insurance for tourists? If Yes, then ask about features of insurance of tourists of this country.

Before buying an insurance policy, carefully read the list of risks covered and exclusions of the insurance coverage. Special attention is paid to the issues related to dental services and pregnancy.

Important! The insurance amount

Depending on the country where you are going and type of holiday will estimate the size of the required insurance amount. For travel abroad preferred policies with the insured amount of not less than 30 thousand dollars. But if you're planning an extreme vacation or active sports, to buy insurance need this direction. This insurance, of course, is 1.5-3 times more expensive, but the usual insurance policy in such cases is invalid and you are just wasting your money on it.

Insurance for all occasions

Together with insurance that covers medical expenses, make sure you buy the insurance policy against accidents. This policy applies not only abroad, but also in the native state. In addition, this document is much easier to confirm the fact of the insured event and receive payment than the usual travel insurance.

Remember that conventional insurance for travelers reimburses only medical expenses. Obligatory – these costs must be incurred abroad, and not in your own country, and, of course, recognized by the insurance company. But on this policy the insurance payments are often not enough for full compensation of the real costs. The insurer may not recognize a particular flow, to pay only the evacuation of the home, where you have to continue the treatment  for his account not to accept documents in the language of the country of departure and to offer the client to get them translated at your own expense, etc.

Don't skimp on your own health and safety, so choose the insurance depending on duration, purpose of travel and country in which you decide to go. And, of course, carefully choose the insurance company before you make a final choice.

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Date of publication: 07.11.2013

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