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Freedom of choice

Israel: treatment and insurance


As stated by Roni Gamzo, the head of the Ministry of health of Israel, the government intends to equalize the price of medical services for tourists and citizens of Israel.

This decision was taken after numerous publications in mass media materials about the inflated fees for medical services for foreigners.

But experts relate to such statements rather skeptical, because from their point of view, this initiative is not practically realizable.

According to experts, Israel is not going to dramatically lower prices for medical services, so that the difference between the cost of medical care to Israelis and foreign nationals will always be very noticeable.

Roni Gamzo also said that today the difference between the cost of the same medical services to the citizen of Israel and a medical tourist is a very large – on average, rates for foreigners inflated in 3-4 times.

In this regard, the Ministry of health of Israel to send in the medical institutions of the country the disposal of the government ban to demand that citizens of other countries pay inflated prices.

Today, medical tourism in Israel – is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Ukrainian citizens.

For rejuvenating, revitalizing treatments and treatment in Israel tourists traveling both independently and on medical tours from tour operators. At the same time now, even though the overcharged tariffs, due to the difference between the quality and the cost of treatment and diagnosis in the Ukrainian and Israeli hospitals Ukrainian tourists still make a choice in favor of the latter.

Earlier, foreign tourists in Israel have been forced to seek medical assistance in private clinics, regardless of that, they went here for the honey. services initially, or applied for the insurance policy. And only after a mandatory visit to the private doctor the patient was able to direct medical institution in the state.

A few years ago this decision was reversed by the Israeli government that have led to significant reduction in the cost of medical services for the citizens of other countries.

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Date of publication: 30.12.2013

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