Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Ziferblat. London Russian


In London opened an unusual café Ziferblat, which offers its visitors a custom payment system – here offer to pay for the time.

All drinks and snacks, and guests will be “Dial” order, absolutely free but for every minute spent in the cafe will be charged at 3 pence, i.e. 1 hour here costs a little less than two pounds.

The volume of consumed time is measured rather unconventional – every guest here at the entrance handed the alarm clock, which counts down the amount of payment. These alarms put on a table or carry in the hands of the hall.

But the important thing is “dish” in London's café “Dial” is a special friendly atmosphere, which, as promised by the owners, you will not find anywhere else.

It tells Ivan Mitin, the owner of Ziferblat in London, this system of payment was for people in the UK is very unusual, and instantly won over the General public. By the way, this system works cafes first appeared in Russia, it is not surprising that the founder of the British “Dial” - Russian.

In “Dial” anyone can come to our home. Here you will be able to freely go about their business – to read a book over a Cup of tea, play the piano, to work, to be creative, or just chat with friends.

Here everything is allowed that does not violate and does not restrict the freedom of others because, in fact, every visitor of the café “Dial” just leased a certain piece of free space in the cafeteria, and so manage their time and “leased” part of the café as you please.

Ziferblat works on the principle of full service restaurants – here you will cook yourself a coffee or brew tea, and the kitchen table can even serve as a fruit or vegetable salad-all the ingredients are completely free and freely available to visitors of the cafe.

Well, after the friendly get-togethers visitors themselves clean and wash dishes, and often you can see an unusual scene – people are lining up waiting for the release of the kitchen sink. However, many visitors to the coffee shop happy to help with the cleaning to others.

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Date of publication: 15.01.2014

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