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How to make a Game of Thrones: seasons 5, 7 countries (part 2)


We have already talked about Spain, Morocco and Iceland-the three countries which were shooting some key episodes of this super Saga.

Here we publish the continuation of the photo review sites, which starred the most vivid scenes “Game of Thrones”. 

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Shooting Game of Thrones in Croatia

Sunny Croatia in the film became the domain of the Lannisters, and the picturesque Dubrovnik became the capital of Vestoros, king's landing, and one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Want to visit the Red castle? Croatian Lovrijenac fortress, perched on a 37 metre-high rock became a Royal castle in the film adaptation of ‘a Song of ice and fire” and as you might guess, another shining tourist pearl of Croatia. Yes, if you want to see the place where took place the epic battle of Blackwater Bay, definitely take a stroll to the Bay between the main part of Dubrovnik and Lovrijenac.

You admire the whimsical gardens of king's landing? Your route in this case lies in the small village of Trsteno, located  10 km from Dubrovnik, Trsteno arboretum. It is posted here same alleys, fountains, galleries and arbors, in the shade of which trailed some of the biggest conspiracies and intrigues of Vestoros.

The Croatian island of Lokrum became Quartam, a city-oasis in the desert. And Park, in which Daenerys spoke with Ksaro, became a local Botanical garden.

Shooting Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Picturesque landscapes of Northern Ireland are not only the dwelling place of the Iron people, subjects of Balon Greyjoy, but Winterfell, the Royal tract and the Storm Lands. In addition, in the fifth season of "Thrones" this will be a tough house and the barracks of castle Black.

To see the majestic forest of the North in forest Park Tollymore (by the way, here you can find the place where the Starks saw the direwolf pups). And to go to Winterfell, it is necessary to go ashore, Strangford Lough, castle ward.

Famous Irish beech Avenue Dark hedges has become “Game” Royal tract, and the Gulf of Marlow — the Iron Islands. The scene with the burning of the old gods Melisandre was taken on the beach Dungi, near Mussenden temple.

Shooting Game of Thrones in Malta

Hot Sunny Malta is actively advertises itself as a tourist country, and often uses for such advertising that is filming. To miss the chance to be part of Vestoros, as you know, Malta also could not, therefore, in different series «Game of Thrones” we were able to see different parts and attractions of Malta, including the President's residence, which was also provided at the disposal of the crew of the Saga.

The most striking transformation of Malta in a “Game of Thrones”:

Shooting Game of Thrones in Scotland

Proud Scotland, alas, can not boast a large number of famous during the filming of the film adaptation of ‘a Song of ice and fire" scene — the frame has got only one tourist attraction — the fortress of Dun.

The castle of Dun, once owned by the family of the Stuarts, "the Thrones" has turned into Winterfell. It is worth noting that the fate of the castle of Dun as sad as the story of Winterfell — it fell into disrepair after the dynasty of the Stuarts, and its history is somewhat similar with the history of the residence of the Starks.

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