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Freedom of choice

Unusual places for 2015 travel


Are you bored with popular resorts that are not overcrowded by tourists?

We can offer you seven non-standard tourist destinations, which will be a real breath of fresh air for travelers who want to relax in 2015, bright and original.

This list of places to travel, compiled by the portal Skyscanner, is sure to appeal to those who have already tired of the crowded beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh, the Spanish coast and the French Riviera.

Unusual places to travel in 2015:

  1. Holidays in the Comoros is sure to impress travelers who are interested in its unique culture and exotic beauty of tropical nature. Coffee trees, reed beds and coconut trees, a rare species of tropical butterflies, birds and mammals will be of interest to both adults and children.

  2. You appreciate the opportunity to see while on vacation pristine rainforest, natural sights, to get acquainted with the amazing culture and religion unusual indigenous peoples? Then your choice can be a tour to Guyana — the country, the colors of which probably even exceeds it in size.

  3. Do you admire Asia, Buddhist teachings and Tibetan monasteries? Then you need to visit in Bhutan-a small country located at the borders of China and India. Here you will see the incredible beauty of its landscapes, ancient temples and incredible architecture.

  4. Tours to North Korea officially opened to foreign visitors in 2010. This country, which is quite a long time stayed closed almost the entire world, now is quite popular among travelers. While the number of tourists in North Korea is not very large, so you have the opportunity to discover this secluded state in its original form, not distorted by the influence of the crowds of foreigners.

  5. Love skiing and winter fun? Discover Tajikistan — a country in which there are many good ski resorts!

  6. RAS al-Khaimah, one of the Emirates of the UAE, is ready to offer its guests all the conditions for the first-class vacation. Here you will find great beach holidays, interesting cultural tours and excursions to ancient sites and plenty of entertainment. Very nice bonus for tourists is that the popularity of the Emirate among travelers is still not off the charts, so the search for available seats in the resorts of RAS al Khaimah is significantly easier than in more popular tourist Emirates.

  7. Tristan da Cunha is one of the most remote inhabited island in the world. Inhabited only part of this unusual island, the fauna is very meager and is not dangerous to humans. By the way, Tristan da Cunha is the only habitat of tristancho cowgirl, the smallest flightless bird on the planet.

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Date of publication: 05.03.2015

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