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Cruises Cunard: meeting of the three Queens


The upcoming weekend will present Liverpool a unique experience — in honor of two of the festive celebration, the 175th anniversary of the Cunard Line and the Spring output in the UK, which is traditionally celebrated on the last Monday of may, there will be a parade of cruise ships.

Viewers will be able the second time in history to see the meeting of three legendary cruise “Queens” — Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. The first meeting of these three illustrious ships took place in 2014 off the coast of Lisbon.

In 2015, three liners owned by Cunard Cruises, will be held on the river Mersey in the first half of the day on may 25. Cruise ship Queen Mary 2, which previously carried the title of world's largest passenger liner, will arrive in the port of Liverpool on may 24, 2015, and the rest — the 25th day after dawn.

A few hours after the reunion of the three Queens cruise all three of the ship solemnly passed by the Central part of the city along the bed of the Mersey, and to watch this exciting show will be able to attend.

According to preliminary estimates is expected to arrive in the parade of ships about five million viewers — in 1990 only to see the passage of the liner Queen Elizabeth 2 off the coast of Liverpool on the waterfront gathered more than two million people. As reported by the municipal authorities of Liverpool on the Bank are held various celebrations, entertainment shows and concerts. The trains will run in emergency mode, but next to the city's waterfront station will be closed during the parade.

As reported in the cruise liner Queen Mary 2 leaves Liverpool after noon on may 25, Queen Elizabeth — in the evening after a festive show, and Queen Victoria will remain in Liverpool for almost a day and leave only in the evening of 26 may.

On the banks of the river these days are also planned a number of themed shows and other events. Local train lines will work in the strengthened mode, however, some next to the waterfront station will be closed. 

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Date of publication: 20.05.2015

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