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Snow festival in Japan 2016


The Japanese city of Sapporo, located in Hokkaido, Japan, is preparing to conduct large-scale snow festival, which will be held this year from 5 to 11 February.

The annual snow festival in Sapporo — a very popular event that attracts guests and participants not only from different parts of the Country of the rising sun, but also from other countries. Usually on this winter holiday is usually going to more than two million viewers from around the world, and the number of teams taking part in creating icy masterpieces is about 25-30 groups.

Snow festival in Sapporo 2016 will please fans of “Star wars” — it was a theme chosen for the ice sculptures this year. Participants will create 400 large sculptures made of snow and ice, dedicated to the immortal space Saga, it is expected that many of the figures in terms of size will be really huge — and their height will be about 10-15 meters.

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The venue of the 67th snow festival in Japan will be traditional: the Odori Park, the stadium Tsutomu and the Susukino area, will become sites for the creation and demonstration of the snow giants, as in previous years.

In addition to the fascinating process of creating and showcasing the finished snow sculptures at this winter event will be able to ride with slides, to taste Japanese winter delicacies, listen to music, watch colorful performances and to participate to the competition for the best ice sculpture, to participate in which can any of the guests.

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Date of publication: 20.01.2016

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