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Freedom of choice

Network of electric charging stations opens in London


London will soon receive a massive network of fuel stations for electric cars.

Development of the large London network of charging stations for electric vehicles, curated by Vincent Bollore – French billionaire.

Development project Source London from June 2014, will the company IER, which is a subsidiary of the Corporation Bollore Group.

It is expected that the total amount of investment of the Corporation in the project will amount to 120 million euros.

The initiative is actively supported by Boris Johnson, mayor of London, and thanks to the joint efforts of the authorities of the Foggy Albion and Vincent Bollore network of electric charging stations, which today has about 1,400 points by 2018 will be expanded to 6,000 stations.

This will allow you to locate electric gas stations within miles from each other across London. Also soon to be launched service to rent electric cars.

Today, the system of short-term rental of these environmentally friendly vehicles operates within the framework of the Autolib project, which is operating in Paris since 2011. All rentals electric car Autolib is fully automated: the driver may get an electric car Bluecar rental with the help of special cards. The cost of hire of electric cars to lower the cost of travel in a city taxi, so the authorities believe that if electric cars will become more accessible to visitors and residents of the capital, it will help significantly to improve the environmental and transport situation in London.

It is expected that by the end of 2014 in London Park rental of electric vehicles will have at least 100 pieces of equipment. The next stage of expanding the network of electric cars should be increased London's fleet to 3,000 units.

The cost of hire of electric cars in London will be about 12€ per hour.

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Date of publication: 15.05.2014

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