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Freedom of choice

Spain will run from the balls


A traditional bull run in Spain, which for many years was popular as among the native Spaniards and tourists from different countries, were under threat of the ban at the request of the environmental movements and animal rights.

Runnings of the bulls (encierro) that are held as a separate entertainment, or before the corrida, not the first attracted the attention of the public, which is outraged by cruelty to animals and regular injuries among the participants and among the spectators. From time to time the running of the bulls in Spain ends with the death runners – the last such event occurred recently — in 2009.

In 2014, the Spanish authorities listen to the demands of animal welfare societies, and in the near future may opt out of participation in the running of the bulls, replacing animals giant weighted balls.

Such races with balls in Spain are held in Mataelpino, near Madrid, for the past five years. Huge three-meter balls ‘boloencierros”, weighing 125 pounds each, and roll on the sloping streets of the town during the festival of San bartolomé, with success replaced the locals running of the bulls. Races with the giant balls is not only popular among adults but also among children – for young participants here to create a small fenced area with smaller balls.

The idea of replacing bulls balls so much human rights organization PETA, has proposed to pay for the purchase of such balls in all the cities who agree to abandon the use of animals during the races.

Running of the bulls with huge balls can not be called absolutely safe entertainment: as well as during the race with animals, you can get injured, but still they are not so dangerous to the lives of runners, as in the case of aggressive bulls.

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Date of publication: 24.10.2014

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