Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

The travel Agency of Turkey: how not to get trapped


Holidays in Turkey for a long time was the main rival of the Crimea and other, relatively inexpensive South seaside resorts.

The reasons for the popularity of Turkish resorts among Ukrainians is simple and straightforward: quite close to the location of Turkey in relation to Ukraine, a decent level of service and good infrastructure is a very pleasant blend for our tourist with low prices.

Who better knows a Turkey and can offer the best options of accommodation in local hotels, recreation and entertainment? Of course, the local tourist company! And since many travel agencies of Turkey are working not only domestically, but also actively enter the international market, our tourists have the opportunity to choose a Turkish tour operator independently, and it passes through a local travel Agency or directly.

But regardless of how you plan to travel-alone or through a Ukrainian travel Agency to make your holiday in Turkey was a successful one, you need to carefully approach the choice of the tour operator.

Portal Online Tikets can offer you a few useful tips for choosing a reliable travel Agency in Turkey, which will help you to make your holiday exactly the way you would like to see.

So, choose a Turkish operator. What you need to know?

Collected information

To begin with, that almost every travel Agency or tour operator has reviews online – different forums, website, social networks often become a veritable mine of information, which is certainly worth to see. Please note that the search for reviews of tourists who have already bought vouchers from these companies stayed in your hotels and order a variety of tours and trips, not only on Russian or Ukrainian websites.

Even if your level of knowledge of foreign languages, alas, leaves much to be desired, you can always use the free online translators or relevant Google. No matter how superficial nor was such a transfer, a shared understanding of the user experience of their stay you will receive and make appropriate conclusions will be easy.

Check license

In Turkey there is a special legislation providing for the protection and safety of tourists, in which all providers of travel services in their country from Turkish and foreign companies must undergo special registration, after which they are given individual numbers. Information about such companies operating under the official license, their licenses and contact information are publicly available on the website of the Association of Turkish travel agencies TÜRSAB (Türkiye Seyahat Agentaları Birliği).

All official tour operators of Turkey usually freely provide their clients with their data and license numbers, so you can easily check the accuracy of information about them on the website of TURSAB, typing in the search the company name or their license. Thus, you can quickly and reliably check the legitimacy of the activities of the tour operator, because it affects the availability of guarantees of consumer protection.

Insurance – each camper!

Services provided by travel agencies of Turkey are subject to compulsory insurance under the insurance package Travel Insurance Package. Remember that this policy does not cover insurance claims, at the time of occurrence of which the tourist is in a drunken state.

Open new

If you decide to travel to Turkey independently, and is already in place to do excursions or any other events in the so-called street travel agents, not just to walk around the city, choose a sign and buy them an excursion, tour or service. The reasons could be many – from the broader range of services and facilities to the much lower cost of similar proposals.

It is worth remembering that the larger companies as intermediaries to low-profit services and tours are often simply uninteresting, and often they are not included in the tourist program. So if you want to buy inexpensive but unusual tour, excursion or a short trip for a few days, be sure to look in such a small company.

Look narrowly and ask the price

Read offers, prices and permits you are interested in the company. Even the smallest street travel Agency in Turkey must also be registered with TURSAB, which implies that they have individual license numbers. Normally, this number is on all advertising materials company – both electronic and printed.

Take the time to do the order immediately! Check their license on the Association's website and try to learn more about this company, especially other tourists.

Ask and see

Feel free to ask about interesting local tourist companies at his hotel. Usually in Turkey a lot of Russian tourists, and they are happy to share their experiences and impressions. Another great way to know the opinion of tourists – just having a leisurely conversation with the Manager in street travel Agency.

While you are discussing the local attractions, restaurants and recreational activities, not only will you be able to learn something new and gain fresh ideas for your holiday, but will also be able to witness the visit of the Agency other tourists – most customers come to order something from a familiar company again to clarify some question or even just to say thank you for any travelers.

Monitoring the reactions and mood of other customers, you can quickly make up their minds about the honesty of company and quality of its services.

Tips, as you can see, fairly simple, understandable and applicable in practice, but they will greatly facilitate your planning for a vacation in Turkey and will help to protect yourself from possible risks, especially when traveling alone.

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Date of publication: 25.03.2014

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