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Top-10 beaches for families with child


When will travel with the child, special attention should be paid to security issues.

The kids are always very curious and restless, and when they're in an unusual situation and see around a lot of new and interesting, their instinct pioneers aktiviziruyutsya at 100% and even a little more. That is why if you plan to go with the child to the sea, choose a resort for a family holiday is carefully.

How to be a beach for families with kids?

Kids at sea never sit still. They are continuously worn on the beach, catching waves and splashing in the water, collect seashells-rocks in shallow water and constantly build something out of sand, so when planning a vacation you should pay attention not only on the services offered by hotels and resorts but the beaches – the coast is safe and adapted for families with young children.

The online booking service Online Tikets have prepared for you 10 great options for summer holidays with children abroad. The main criterion in compiling this list was the safety of the child on the beach.

1. California: Coronado Island, San Diego

If you are looking where to go with a very small child, the options are better beaches on the island of Coronado in California, you will be quite difficult to find.

Here is a real summer Paradise for young children: the sandy beaches will appreciate its immaculate cleanliness and the Pacific ocean fully justifies its name-soft calm waves is absolutely safe for young bathers. Plus, the main bonus of this beach is that here there is no noise-loud amusement rides, entertainment centres and other sources of loud sounds and music is not here, and water sports on the beach of Coronado is not doing. But the main advantage of the beach for a family vacation that is strictly prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages.

2. Crete: the Beaches of Elafonisi

A small uninhabited island in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Crete is more like a painting than a real landscape. Surprisingly calm waves, shallow sea, immaculately clean, bright sand, and lush greenery, small wild groves creates a magical atmosphere of unity with nature.

Since the island Elafonisi is located just 100 metres from Crete, you can reach it by going wading in shallow water.

3. Italy: Cattolica, Emilia-Romagna

The beaches of the Adriatic coast of Italy has long and very actively gaining popularity among tourists from Ukraine. And young parents traveling with children abroad, especially love the beaches of Cattolica, right here for younger visitors created just perfect conditions.

Excellent infrastructure, plenty of entertainment and services for children, beautiful beaches, clean sea and a very gentle entry into the water make the Cattolica is a wonderful vacation option for older children and for very young children.

4 and 5. Thailand: the beaches of Bophut and Chaweng, Koh Samui

Thailand beaches meet all the requirements of even the most whimsical tourists, but even among good beaches you can find really the best of the best.

The beaches of Chaweng and Bophut is really worthy of the title, and they will be a real Paradise for tourists with kids. Seaside Chaweng would be the best choice for those looking for active recreation for a child of primary school age or young person – quite crowded, and most of the rest here is children, and with lots of cafes it will provide the young travelers a fun and delicious beach holiday.

But Bophut, on the contrary, are ideal for travelers with small children – a gentle entry into the water, clean ocean, soft sand and quiet atmosphere will let the child feel relaxed and comfortable, and parents will not worry about the safety of her little children.

6. France: Calvi, Corsica

Sandy beach of Calvi, long curly fancy ribbon, aslope down to the water, and the sea plays shimmering all shades of blue.

Around this resort, which, incidentally, is the most popular in Corsica, scattered a lot of cute little towns with quiet streets and comfortable hotels. Here you will find a good infrastructure and many options of interesting excursions, making holidays in Calvi will be a good option not only for tourists with young children but for older children.

7. India: Palolem, Goa

The coast Palolem, located in a secluded Cove, great for families. It offers modern hotels and excellent infrastructure, restaurants with varied cuisine and various shops and boutiques. And clean air, calm waves and beautiful beaches give a lot of pleasure both the big and small tourists.

8. USA: Crandon Park beach, Miami

Crandon Park beach – a huge sandy beach with very calm waters and excellent infrastructure. In Miami a lot of entertainment for children of all ages, so if you decide to spend a holiday in hotels in Crandon Park beach, both you and your kids are sure to be happy with my choice.

9. Greece: St. Georgios, Naxos island

Located on the island of Naxos beach of Saint George is one of the best in Greece. The island itself has to offer is not even dozens-hundreds of great beaches and coasts for a summer vacation with the kids, but the St Georgios beach for many years and remains a leader among them.

10. Mexico: Playa Norte, Isla mujeres

The Playa Norte beach and surrounds younger guests, this tropical tale. From the first seconds of your stay here you will feel the atmosphere of peace and serenity that is only found in such secluded spots.

Surprisingly light, almost white sand is very soft and thin so even the smallest children feel myself absolutely comfortably here.


You can also learn about a rather unusual beaches that exist on our planet - on colorful sandy beaches!

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Date of publication: 20.06.2014

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