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September – where to go to relax?


September is considered the ideal month for a holiday and is called & laquo;velvet season & raquo;. The weather is mild warmth without the sweltering heat, and nature – this stunning fiery colors of fruit and variety.

But travellers love September not only for it – the number of tourists in hotels and on the beaches significantly reduced, allowing you to relax in a comfortable relaxed environment even on most popular summer resorts. But in addition to the above the first month of autumn has another significant advantage – a significant decline in prices for tours and hotels, allowing you to significantly reduce your holiday costs without sacrificing travel.

Choosing where to go on holiday, it is worth considering that in many countries of Europe in September held various festive events, the autumn holidays can be great to diversify the vicinity of interesting festivals, celebrations and fairs.

So you are looking for where to go on holiday in September 2017? Then this list of places that will delight travelers of special events and festivities in the first month of autumn, will help you to make your holiday even more interesting and richer!

Holland: the flower Parade in Aalsmeer

When: on the first weekend of September. In 2017, flower Parade in the Netherlands will be held September 2-3. The parade starts at 8:30.

The annual flower Parade in the Netherlands is the largest floral festival in the world, and he honorably wears the title. During the flower parade of dozens of boats, floats and cars decorated with whimsical garlands, patterns, figures and even sculptures from hundreds of thousands of flowers, solemnly put forward from Aalsmeer, heading to the big Olympic stadium of Amsterdam. Here, after a floral procession will be a big concert with the participation of many music groups and fireworks.

But here you can see not only floral and sculptural ensembles and music – the speech of actors, dancers and magicians make the flower festival in Aalsmeer unusually bright and interesting.

Italy: Feast of lanterns in Florence

When: on the first weekend of September. In 2017, the Festival of lanterns in Florence will be held September 7-8.

Florentine lantern festival is celebrated from the SEVENTEENTH century, when the birthday of the virgin from all neighborhoods of Florence, at the religious celebration in the city's temples are flocked by the locals. Then after prayers and solemn processions with festive lanterns usually begins the great celebration, during which the town has developed a huge weekly fair.

Today, in fact, the Festival of lanterns in Florence became a kind mix of folk, religious festivals and fairs, and the great bright holiday is very popular among tourists.

Spain: Festival flamenco in Seville

When: at September 2018. Held every two years.

Flamenco festival in Seville, which takes place in this small Spanish town every two years, is characterized by particularly long duration – this is about two months.

During this festival tourists and visitors can enjoy the stunning performances of the best flamenco dancers, participate in master classes and just dance for pleasure. In addition to short courses of flamenco, to be held during the festival, this rousing dance you can also learn in special schools and even academies, which in this town pretty much.

Italy: Festival White night in Rome

When: in the night from 9 to 10 September 2017. Held the second weekend of September.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday (September 9-10, 2017) Rome comes alive, shining with all the lights, is like the night the day came. 20:00 Saturday until 8:00 Sunday doors of all the city's museums, libraries, parks, and movie theaters are open to all. Local residents and guests of the Italian capital all night are free to have fun, to attend any public attractions and even some old private residence that occasionally open their doors to tourists.

In addition, all night on the streets of Rome are a variety of performances, concerts and master classes for all comers.

Romania: the grape harvest Festival

When: September 13.

The tradition of the grape harvest Festival in Romania went since ancient times – the wine here is always especially venerated.

Today is the beginning of grape harvest in Romania has become a national holiday that takes place almost all over the country on a large scale. The wine festival is organized in this day a Grand just – dancing, singing and different performances last until dawn, and each wine cellar owners put tubs and jugs with wine of different varieties, which any passerby can absolutely free taste. Any drink only bottled, you can buy here at very affordable prices.

Italy: Festival of pizza Pizzafest in Naples

When: for 6-11 September (dates are different for each year).

And the Italians, and foreign tourists love the pizza Festival Pizzafest in Naples, because for 11 days the town, which is considered the birthplace of pizza, turns into a centre of gastronomic extravaganza. Here you can see, try and learn how to cook the pizzas according to traditional and modern recipes. Local shops and shops sell not only the finished pizza, but all you need for cooking ingredients, and special workshops pizza makers from around the world will teach you all the subtleties and secrets of cooking the perfect pizza.

The cost of entry into the territory of the festival Pizzafest only a couple of euros, and tasting is absolutely free, so fans of this traditional Italian meal will appreciate the opportunity to try different varieties of pizza during a visit to celebration.

Germany: Oktoberfest in Munich

When: September 16 – October 4, 2017.

To visit the Oktoberfest in Munich from all over the world annually attracts about 6 million people.

Oktoberfest 2017 will delight its guests not only a real Munich beer brewed by the standards of the beer festival, but also a lot of interesting music events, costume parades, contests and tastings. In the famous oktoberfestbier tents-pavilions, which can accommodate more than 10 thousand people, from early morning until late evening the guests of the festival offer different varieties of this intoxicating drink, and many traditional German snacks.

In addition, during the beer festival usually has many attractions-from classic rides to extreme roller coasters.

Italy: the Festival of cheese in Bra

When: 15 – 18 September 2017. Held every two years.

Italian town of Bra during the Festival of cheese turns into a Paradise for foodies – with the whole of Europe here bring cheeses of different varieties, attracts cheese makers and professional chefs. Holiday cheese guests can not only try a variety of varieties of famous cheeses from different countries, but also to participate in competitions, workshops and culinary duels. During the festival seminars were to be held, during which the students will talk about the rules of submission of cheese on the table, proper table setting, compatibility of cheese dishes and drinks. Besides cheese and dairy products on the festival of cheese in Bra will also be presented different varieties of white Italian wines.

Italy: feast of the grape harvest in Switzerland

When: 22 September 2017. Held annually on the last weekend of September.

You are a good connoisseur of fine wines? Go to Neuchatel wine Festival!

During a fascinating tour you can visit ancient vineyards, wine cellars and distilleries and taste a variety of wines. On city streets will be a parade and costume parades, squares will be actors and play brass bands.

Within three days it will last for a magical celebration in honor of the wines of the new harvest, and each day guests of the city will have to wait for a rich entertainment program.

The whole world: international day pirate

When: every year on September 19. Celebrated since 1995.

International day of the pirate, or, as it is called, is the international day of imitation pirates celebrated recently, but has already won the hearts of people around the world.

In more than 40 countries to this day fans of the romance of sea adventures, arrange a pirate party, dress up like pirates and say almost special pirate slang. If September 19 you will rest somewhere abroad, be sure to ask exactly where in the city are pirate festival-these themed parties are not only unusual, but very interesting, and will be a great way to diversify your vacation impressions.

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