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Freedom of choice

Robot restaurant in China


Want something unusual and even a little fantastic? Go to China to dine in a really fancy restaurant-not robot restaurant.

The Chinese province of Harbin boasts one of the most modern and innovative restaurants in the world, because dalu Rebot restaurant – a fully robotic cafe!

Everything here is made only robots. When visitors come to the robot restaurant, they definitely meets Android the doorman, who welcomes the guests and gently guides them to a free table. & nbsp;Mechanical chefs prepare different dishes, robot waiters take orders, serve visitors and keep order in the restaurant.

This is interesting: restaurants in Singapore in 2015 will get flying robots as waiters.

After your waiter will bring to your table the order, it will entertain you by singing, if you wish. In addition, the room in which the work robot chef is open for viewing from the dining room, so visitors can watch as the droid prepares their order. And although some of the dishes made by the cooks of the ordinary people, still very happy.

This restaurant is especially popular with the children – brightly colored robots, flashing a lot of lights and emitting sounds, not impress any of the kids.

You can safely take up here with a child without fearing for his safety – this guide unusual places special attention to the security of its customers, so all working here droid is very stable and everyone has special sensors and motion sensors.

Robots can carefully go around any obstacles in its path, even the most unexpected. And if your child is suddenly in the way of one of them or decide to hunt any of the mechanical waiters, PE is not going to happen, and your little fidget will remain unharmed.

And these cute droids can change the facial expression (there are up to 10 variations of emotions), so bored you just do not have here.

Each of these mechanical servants working day not more than 5 hours, whereupon it is sent to a two-hour recharge. Working here androids a very modern and reliable.

The cost of robot restaurant dalu Rebot restaurant is from $30000 to $50000 for each.

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Date of publication: 09.01.2014

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