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Island Paradise: beauty and serenity


Looking for a real Paradise for a vacation or a stunning wedding ceremony? Service Online Tikets knows there is nothing better than tropical Islands!

The island is beautiful nature, amazing flora and fauna, excellent conditions for beach rest, diving and all water sports.

Top 5 most beautiful Islands in the newspaper USNews - here bright unforgettable stay you is guaranteed!

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the most romantic and picturesque place in Greece. Amazingly clean sea, fantastic beaches with white, black and red sand, small villages with neat belostenny houses, picturesque mountain landscapes and the world's most beautiful sunsets-all this is combined in the breathtakingly beautiful island with a proud name of Santorini.

2. Bora Bora, Pacific ocean

The island of Bora Bora-the pearl of the Pacific. One of the main attractions of the island – Laguna with a surprisingly rich underwater world – tourists can not only admire the exotic inhabitants of the depths of the Pacific, but also to communicate with them, for example, to treat some delicacy.

Also popular among tourists are the ruins of a ceremonial marae platforms and diving fans always prefer the path of the rays.

3. Maldives, Indian ocean

What is the Maldives? 1190 atolls of all shapes and sizes, each of which is a little tropical Paradise. Life-affirming combination of emerald green, clear blue ocean waves, bright beaches and varied animal world to create an incredible atmosphere.

4. The island of St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean sea

If you dream of a quiet measured life on an exotic tropical island located in the Caribbean Islands of St. Kitts and Nevis will become your best vacation option.

The natural beauty of the local nature, clean warm sea and white sandy beaches, crystal clear water in the local mountain springs and stunning beauty of its sunsets create a wonderful atmosphere of serenity and peace.

In addition, it is rainbow – you can do anywhere, in the most unexpected moment to witness the emergence of this little shimmering of a miracle. What is not heaven on earth?

5. Fiji, Pacific ocean

The archipelago of more than 300 Islands, with its tropical and exotic local color took pride of place in the top 5 most beautiful Islands in the world.

Many tiny Islands, most of which are still inhabited, has always enjoyed high popularity among newlyweds – come here for weddings – beautiful and fabulous. Fiji holiday also chosen by those who are looking for outdoor activities in an unspoiled environment, pristine nature, because here, clean beaches, secluded tropical island perfectly combined with the comfort of local hotels, villas and apartments.

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Date of publication: 23.05.2014

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