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Quantum of the Seas – world's largest liner


Quantum of the seas, the world's largest liner went on its maiden voyage on 2 November 2014. His size is really incredible: the length of the quantum of the seas is the sum of the length of five Boeing aircraft and the height is 2.5 times higher than the Egyptian pyramids.

Elegant dining rooms, spacious private balconies and a Jacuzzi in the Royal Loft Suite: inside the cruise liner quantum of the seas looks more like a Palace than a ship. According to the 2014 statistics, the new cruise liner quantum of the seas, owned by Royal Caribbean international's is indeed one of the most luxurious ships in the world.

This is a fantastic cruise ship can offer its passengers 2090 cabins of which include 373 virtual balconies, a real-time ocean landscapes and sights of countries, off the coast of which the ship.

The passengers of this luxury cruise liner can stay in rooms of different types on Board the ship. The cost of the staterooms quantum of the seas, of course, quite high, but these luxury rooms are worth to go to them on vacation! Two-story cabins of a liner quantum of the seas feature private balconies and private dining room. Passengers who choose these apartments will be available Concierge services.

The price of a Suite on Board the ship is about 220$ per day and overnight accommodation in luxurious two-storey apartment – which is around$ 1600 per night. Buy the cruise of quantum of the seas to the Bahamas with a stay in the Royal Loft Suite (8 nights) at the price of 12000$ per person (total cost of this cruise to the Bahamas starts from 1400$ per person per tour with accomodation in standard cabins).

A cruise liner also has a glass observation cab & laquo;North star", constructed on the principle of the capsules of the London eye that lifts guests to a height of over 90 meters above sea level. This safe viewing platform offers panoramic 360-degree views of the ocean.

Amazing interior architecture of the ship is effectively complemented by a unique collection of contemporary art.

In addition to the stunning design of the interior and the cabins luxurious ambience and impeccable service, the passengers of the biggest cruise liner in the world will be able to appreciate its high technology and a number of robotic services. The passengers of this ship can place orders to the bar via the Internet, and prepare to enjoy selected cruise ship cocktails and desserts are the latest models of biorobots.

Instead of keys, guests of cabins of this cruise ship are getting special bracelets with chips, opening the door. Also passengers can use the simulators skydiving, surfing and climbing. On Board the ship has a basketball court, skating rink for roller-skating, roller-controlled mini-cars, several pools, including a pool bar, five star Spa and fitness facilities. In the entertainment area of the ship is equipped with several scenes for concerts and performances.

In addition, onboard quantum of the seas also operates a super fast wireless Internet, which today is the fastest in the sea.

Four decks, 18 floors, about twenty elegant restaurants, five of which are decorated in Las Vegas style, bars, a variety of attractions, clubs and shops with a variety of groups of commodities – not from grocery to jewellery shops and boutiques-all this abundance will not allow any of the passengers to be bored.

Liner quantum of the seas, who went on their first cruise on the first Sunday of November, will spend this season in North America, and during spring cruises heading to Shanghai.

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Date of publication: 10.11.2014

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