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Paris will honor Napoleon


On 20 and 21 September, the third weekend of the month, France will host a big celebration, dedicated to the Imperial couple – Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife, the first Empress of France, Josephine de Beauharnais.

The Imperial anniversary in Malmaisons Palace is celebrated annually.

The Imperial festival will take place in located in the suburbs of Paris town of RUEIL-Malmaison. This picturesque town is known for the fact that it is the famous Imperial residence, where the Royal couple lived for several years – Malmaison Palace.

At the time of festivals the whole city will be divided into three thematic areas. In section Josephine, which will cover the Malmaison and all adjacent to the architectural complex of the territory, the hotel offers theatrical performances, exhibitions and dance workshops. Area Bonaparte will be the main entertainment center of the festival.

There will be all major events: concerts, performances by jugglers and musicians, competitions, tastings and a large traditional fair.

Park Bois-Préau area of Austerlitz, will be of particular interest to those interested in historical reenactment. Here you can look at the colorful military parades, reconstructed camp of Napoleon's army, the battle and battle.

Also these days in RUEIL-Malmaison will be auction during which the auction will be exhibited some historical documents related to Napoleon Bonaparte. Collectors can purchase the original marriage contract of Napoleon and Josephine, his first wife; documents relating to arrest Bonaparte in 1794, and his correspondence with the painter Jacques-Louis David.

Admission to the festival in honor of the Royal jubilee in Malmaison free for all categories of guests.

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Date of publication: 15.08.2014

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