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Holidays in Turkey: what to see?


Looking to go on holiday to Turkey, but not yet planned their travel program?

You are going to go to a country with a surprisingly bright and rich history, unique culture, beautiful nature and many interesting tourist attractions-both natural attractions and man-made monuments.

Because to see all the attractions of Turkey in one trip is quite difficult, we have prepared for you the top 10 most famous, beautiful and incredible places in Turkey, which should definitely include in your tour.

So, learn more about the top 10 attractions of Turkey and start planning your adventure today!

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1. Thermal springs in Pamukkale

Thermal springs Pamukkale – it is a miracle of nature, and every traveler who comes on holiday to Turkey must at least once to visit here.

Fantastic view of the terraces of travertine, basins and semicircular niches with thermal water leave no one indifferent. Swimming here is, unfortunately, impossible, but if you want to plunge in the mineral water, you can also visit the Hierapolis – destroyed ancient city, located near the Pamukkale terraces. Here are cleared and available for bathing “Cleopatra's Pool” – an ancient artificial lake, fed by mineral springs.

2. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, also called Agia Sophia, is today a globally recognized architectural marvel.

In its long history, Hagia Sophia in Turkey and served the Greek Orthodox Church and Ottoman mosque, and now in this ancient building, built in the year 537, is a Museum.

This huge magnificent building has many historical events, legends and traditions, its history is rich and saturated, so tours of the Hagia Sophia is very interesting and always attract many tourists from all countries.

3. Blue Voyage

Blue Voyage – recreational cruises along the Turquoise coast of Turkey. Cruise ships usually leave the harbours of Kusadasi and Didim, and completed the journey in Antalya.

In addition to the calming scenery, the passengers during Blue Voyage can also visit the ruins of ancient temples and ancient cities – ships usually stay so that the tourists can go ashore for short trips.

4. Hookah Bars in Turkey

In Turkey, many Nargile bars, better known in Western culture as hookah bars. In the Turkish hookah bar is ideal for relaxing either alone or with company. There is always special atmosphere of the East, and if you want to see the real Turkish lifestyle, you should definitely visit one of the local attractions.

5. Ruins of Ephesus

The ancient city of Ephesus, believed to have been founded in the 10th century BC. He was also famous for constructed here the temple of Artemis. Ancient ruins are pretty well preserved, and tourists from around the world come on holiday to Turkey, be sure to go here to see the majestic ancient ruins. In the Turkish town of Selcuk, located near ancient Ephesus, has a Museum dedicated to Greek culture. It presents a good exhibition of archaeological finds from the excavations of the temple of Artemis.

6. Istanbul's Grand Bazaar (Istanbul Grand Bazaar)

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the oldest and largest covered markets on earth: there are more than 3,000 shops and stores, and the market is  61 the street.

Every day at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is about 400 thousand visitors, and the bright color and special Oriental beauty of a Turkish Bazaar makes it one of the most popular attractions of the former Ottoman capital.

Here you can find almost any product that can only imagine the imagination: ceramics, Oriental apparel, jewelry, spices, embossing, modern goods and traditional products – in Istanbul Grand Bazaar is really all about.

7. Fortress Manure (Mamure Kalesi)

Fortress Manure – is a medieval Roman castle-fortress located in the province of Mersin. This impressive architectural ensemble was built in the beginning of the last Millennium in the Mediterranean coast to protect the region from pirates, but for several centuries it changed its owners and was rebuilt several times.

Currently, in the fortress of Mamure, which since the 18th century the Turks used as a caravanserai, perfectly preserved internal structures, 39 towers, a mosque with a minaret and shore wall length of approximately 600 metres. The total area of the fortifications is about 23500 m². The lighthouse and Hamam, unfortunately, to the present day has not been preserved.

8. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace located in Istanbul, was the residence of the Ottoman sultans in the period from 1465 to 1856 the Palace ensemble built in the classic tradition of Ottoman architecture.

Now the Topkapi Palace is one of the main tourist attractions of Turkey. Today it contains a valuable relic of Islam: the sword and the cloak of the prophet Muhammad. Here you can also see great collections of weapons, porcelain, clothing, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts and murals.

9. The monastery of Panagia Sumela

Orthodox Christian monastery of Sumela in Turkey, built at the junction of the 4 and 5th centuries of our era, is unique. The monastic complex was Managed built at an altitude of 1200 meters from the Cretaceous rocks of Trabzon.

Until 1923 here is kept the miraculous icon of the virgin Sumela. Now the ancient monastery became a Museum, and visitors can see interesting artifacts, ancient frescoes of biblical themes, icons and more.

10. Ferry across the Bosphorus (Bosphorus Ferry)

Many believe that the best way to see the sights of Istanbul – to see them from the upper deck of the big public ferry.

During the day dozens of municipal ferries cross the Bosphorus, and, despite the fact that the trip only takes about 20 minutes and travelers can enjoy during this sailing scenic city views, seaside villas, and, in particular, some historical monuments of Istanbul.

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