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Fortress in the tract Saura will be opened for tourists


One of the recent archaeological finds, the fortress of the Bronze age, discovered by researchers in the tract Saur, will be open to tourists. The city authorities expect that the new tourist attraction this summer will attract tourists not only from Kazakhstan but also from other countries.

Found at the beginning of the two thousandth's of an old fortress in the era of nomadism located on the territory of Mangystau region, near the city of Aktau. Ancient fortress has a zigzag shape with a rectangular building and through interior corridor. A preliminary estimate of the fortress, located in the oasis that was destroyed in a strong earthquake.

In the last years archaeologists excavated and studied the found attraction, the research produced interesting finds, including fragments of everyday objects of the inhabitants of the ancient fortress and female catacomb burial ground, located at a depth of about 2.5 meters. One of the interesting objects found on the territory of the fortress — “magic mesh” with 21 cell, and the encrypted writing, applied mineral paints. The secret meaning of these labels is still not deciphered.

The finds were transferred from the archaeologists to the local historical Museum, which was dedicated to Saur fortress a separate exposition.

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Date of publication: 18.05.2016

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