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Autumn trails in Bieszczady mountains


The Polish Bieszczady mountains, many Ukrainian tourists know as a place for winter holidays – it is located about ten ski centres and resorts.

But in addition to snow and the shining white of slopes, which here usually go from December, these mountains in Poland can offer its guests a great stay in the winter season and other times of the year. The Bieszczady mountains are especially beautiful in autumn, when the mountain meadows are changing emerald green okhranye shades, and the forests are coloured in all shades of gold and crimson tones.

If you like not very complicated, but interesting tourist routes in the mountains, and know how to enjoy natural beauty, be sure to go this fall in the Polish Bieszczady mountains-the sea of pleasure from this journey you will be guaranteed.

The most picturesque and, consequently, popular among tourists in the Bieszczady mountains are pastures (Poloniny), to rival in its beauty, with the famous Alpine meadows. To go on a camping trip at the Polish mountain valleys with a tour group that come here often for the guidance of local guides or on your own, avoiding busy routes.

Tourist route to the Bieszczady mountains №1

Route hike: Wetlina-Pass Orlovich – valley of Wetlinska – Asylum Chatka Puchatka-Wetlina

Duration: 6 hours, 30 minutes

Beautiful, short route for the most popular valleys and Hiking trails. Magnificent mountain landscapes, vast panoramas await you here in abundance – most paths and mountain tracks takes you through open countryside among the mountain meadows. As it is one of the most frequently visited tourist routes during the summer season, it is really quite crowded.

The route passes through very well known in the Polish mountains shelter Chatka Puchatka. This house was built here in the 50-ies of the last century – it was built by the military as a lookout point, then for a while served as a shelter for scouts, and a few years ago this house with such a rich history became the property of the Polish Tourist and local history society (PTTK).

The unique atmosphere that prevails in the tourist hostel Chatka Puchatka, turns into a tourist stop here for a real adventure. Stunning scenery, spread around the Asylum, unique interior design and the rather Spartan conditions of placement – it's just an incredible cocktail that will definitely be appreciated by true travelers.

Tourist route to the Bieszczady mountains №2

Route hike: Ustrzyki Gorne-Pass Phelan of Wygnanski – valley of Carynska-Ustrzyki Gorne

Duration: 4 hours, 30 minutes

Not too long, but skill and stamina, the route to the peak of the mountain, Zarinsky, located to the West of Ustrzyki Gorne. Scenic trails, which offer amazing views of the majestic valleys and vast mountain panoramas… This is one of the best tourist routes in Besedski mountains, which, by the way, if necessary, can be reduced by almost half, and completed it on the pass Signalscom.

Polonyna of Carynska adjacent to the peak of the mountain, That known around the world as a landmark of the Polish Bieszczady mountains. From the mountain top, a majestic view, especially in a South-easterly direction. View also opens to gniazdo Tarnicy, and the southern part of the array in both Large and Small Dressing.

Tourist route to the Bieszczady №3

Route: Pass Phelan of Wygnanski – the Hostel-asylum "On the Small Dressing” – a Large Dressing-Ustrzyki Gorne

Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes

The route passes through Wygnanski meadow, which is separated from Large and Small Rawka zarinski the array, as well as through the highway Wetlina in Ustrzyk G&mónica;rne. There is Parking, and the holiday season is here, with regular bus services.

From the pass green trails lead South to the broad road, passing by bald top Vernadskogo Peak (elevation 913 m), and soon reach located in a picturesque place near the forest tourist hostel shelter is a shelter PTTK “Pod Małą Rawką”. Here you can stop to rest in a rather comfortable environment for very little money. From the hostel offers a wonderful view of the mountain scenery, including the valleys of Wetlinska and Carinska.

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