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Freedom of choice

Slow taxi in Japan


Taxi «Turtle» in Yokohama-is a new original service, which enjoys quite a high demand among tourists, and among the citizens of Japan.

Feature of the new taxi service in that the cars carry their passengers with a very slow speed, performing all maneuvers smoothly and gently.

Unusual taxi appeared in this city recently – in December last year, but has already won public recognition. At slow taxi even we have many regular customers who prefer to move around the city exactly like this “turtle”.

Gaining momentum for the popularity of slow taxi in Japan is obliged, first, to its security — drivers control cars are not just neat, and sorhakhutte, and, secondly, during a leisurely tour of the city passengers can consider all the local sights, or simply enjoy the picturesque view of Yokohama while on the road.

Order a Japanese turtle taxi, mostly foreigners, who are attracted by the opportunity to see the city from the window of a comfortable car, not from the crowd of people on busy streets, as well as passengers with small children, pregnant women and the elderly, i.e. those who prefer to go slowly but steadily and safely.

All drivers of vehicles operating in service of a slow taxi, must undergo special training and instruction — they are trained to operate the machine maximum slowly, gradually slow down, rotate, and move, and avoid emergency situations on the road.

To learn such taxi-turtles on the streets of Yokohama is very simple — on their side is coated with a special logo recognizable green turtle on wheels and the inscription ‘Turtle Taxi”. Passengers of such vehicles when boarding a car should press a special button called «Yukkuri» — it gives the driver an audible signal confirming that the trip should take place exactly in the mode of a turtle.

Like a slow observation machine can be found so far only in Yokohama, but in the near future the company plans to launch such a  taxi-turtles in three Japanese cities: Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa.

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Date of publication: 28.10.2014

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