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May 2014: best stargazing


In may 2014, people from all countries of the world will be able to see an amazing sight: the planet shed a record large meteor showers.

This colorful phenomenon can be observed on 24th may 2014 at about 10 o'clock on the Kiev time, when our planet passes through a chain of large-scale plumes left by the comet 209P/LINEAR for the past 200 years. At the time of passage through the strip loops, the Earth will be only 30 thousand miles from the center of mass of the dust plumes of the comet.

The very same celestial body, which will give us a record of his entertainment meteor showers, according to scientists, will pass earth in a distance of 8 million kilometers already 29.05.2014.

Because the planet will cross the zone of accumulation of large particles of dust, during a meteor shower are expected to be especially bright meteors, which can be freely viewed even without special optical equipment.

According to various estimates, the density may meteor shower will be from 300 to 1000 meteors per hour (initially estimated densities of up to 100,000 meteors per hour).

The speed of the meteors will be rather small-about 16 km/h (maximum possible speed of flight – 72 km/h), and because of the peculiarities of the flight trajectory visually, it would seem that the meteors flying on the Ground under the Polar star.

The duration of the meteor shower in may 2014 will be about 1 hour, with the best review on this magical spectacle will open from the territory of the U.S. Midwest.

The researchers also reported that the meteor shower in 2014 will be the most vivid and powerful in the past 14 years.

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Date of publication: 14.03.2014

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