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Freedom of choice

Interactive interpreters, taxi Macau


Macau autonomy within the people's Republic of China, introduces a special taxi services for tourists.

Now part of the vehicles making passenger transportation in the territory of the autonomy, equipped with special software for translation from the most common world languages Cantonese dialect of Chinese, which is owned by local taxi drivers-the drivers.

Initially, taxis in Macau have been equipped with interactive screens, digital entertainment systems Show Media, through which passengers could look for information about local attractions, find the right address on the map, play simple computer games, etc.

Now to these infotainment features were added to the electronic translator, by which the passenger can communicate with driver.

In the digital entertainment complexes is now an integrated menu that includes the main questions asked of the drivers of foreign tourists: 'local hotels, office buildings, tourist attractions, medical facilities and other in demand among travelers objects. Also here are the most common questions and requests, for example, the change in temperature, increase or decrease the speed of travel and the request for an unscheduled stop.

To use this menu and report any information to the driver, the passenger will have to select the desired item in a familiar language, then the system will announce the selected information on the classic Cantonese.

As reported in the administration of Macau, about half of the taxis are equipped with interactive menus with voice-over translation, and in the near future this program will be installed on all other vehicles operating on the routes.

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Date of publication: 27.01.2015

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